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Red-Lips Love Spell

I copied this spell from a teenage magazine that a friend let me borrow last year. Let me just say, it works. It brought Charlie, the love of my life, to me after I cast it. I did it without the flower petals, but it still worked for me. :::knocks on wood::: Don't want to 'jinx' it.

Cast this spell on a Friday night, preferably during the waxing moon. Take the sheet of paper and pen, and write down qualities you'd like in a boyfriend, like blue eyes or a great smile. After you make your list, sign your name and spray the paper with perfume. Apply red lipstick and give the paper a big fat smooch to seal your wish with a kiss. Fold the paper and place it in the envelope. With the flower petals in your hand, picture yourself happy and in love. Drop the petals in the envelope and seal it. To set the spell in motion, place the envelope by your bed or hide it in a drawer.