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Sohma Yuki:

Yuki is a 16 year old boy. He goes to Kaiwa Academy and is a member of the Sohma family. Yuki had a very sad past. Akito tormented him as a child, convincing him that he is weird, and other people could never like him. This is one of the main reasons Yuki is so nice to people. He wants everyone to love him. Yuki is kind and quiet, but he is also strong. He constantly beats Kyou. Yuki + Kyou = a fight. Yuki is also in love with Tohru, at least, thatís what I get from it. He needs someone like her. She doesnít think heís weird at all. He even asks her if she gets offended. She, well, misunderstood the question. Yuki feels he has to hide his feelings to protect other people, this is another result of Akitoís tormenting. Yuki is the rat in the Jyunishi, however when he transforms he turns into a sort of mouse thing.

Sohma Kyou:

Kyou is also 16. He enters the series through Tohruís roof. ^_^;; He busts in to fight Yuki, and is grabbed from behind by Tohru, thus being transformed. Kyou is very angry and sad. His past is incredibly sad, as most of the Jyunishiís are. Kyou was adopted at around 7 by Shishou and he took really good care of Kyou, he taught him martial arts, and that is where Kyou learned to fight. Kyou canít control his temper, and he constantly feels bad about saying mean things to Tohru. Kyou is the cat.

Honda Tohru:

Tohru is 16. Her mother died, and she lived with her grandfather, but when he moved in with one of his daughters she ended up living in a tent. In the first episode, she stumbles upon yuki and Shigureís house. Shigure talks with her about the Jyunishi figures, and she tells him that she figured there wouldnít be a cat, but the cat is her favorite. Tohru is very kind and she wants everyone around her to be happy. She wants to help heal the scars each of the Jyunishi carry. Kyouís especially since he is the cat. In my opinion she is in love with Yuki. Then again. Iím a Yuki fan girl. There is the undeniable fact they have many sweet moments.

Sohma Kagura:

I haven't seen alot of Kagura, but what I do know is that she is in love with Kyou. Something happened when they were children and she has loved him ever since. She is actually quiet kind, but she becomes extremely violent when Kyou ignores her, or is rude to her in any way. She eventually befriends Tohru.

Sohma Shigure:

Shigure is funny. Heís almost never serious, but when he is, you should listen. Heís subtly perverted, and his comments are

Sohma Momiji:

I have one word: Ka-waaa-iiiii!!!! He is sooo cute! Momiji is 15 years old, but he acts like a 7 year old. He just loves Tohru, he acts like a younger brother towards her. His past is sad, just as all of theirs is, but he is always cheerful and happy. I have only seen him sad once, when he explained about his mother. Momijiís mother began to go insane after his birth, she was always crying and angry, because she could not hold him. Momijiís father told him that something very bad was going to happen to his mother, but that if they made her forget him, that she could be okay again. He asked Momiji if he wanted to help his mother. Momiji said yes, even though he didnít want her to forget him. His father said that it would be okay because he would love Momiji enough for both of them. Momiji told Tohru this story. His mother doesnít recognize him when she sees him, and when she was hypnotized he was at the door. When asked if she would regret it, she responded: The only thing I regret is that that creature came out of my body.

Sohma Hatsuharu:

Haru is also 15. Heís in Momijiís class. I donít know a whole lot about Haru, but he has two personalities. Black and White. White Haru (his usual personality) is quiet and polite. Black Haru is outspoken, mean, scary, likes to fight, flirts with Yuki, and hits on Tohru. Eep.

Sohma Ritsu:

Ritsu is the Monkey. Heís shy, and extremely feminine. The reason that he feels more comfortable dressed as a woman is because he can be more passive. His parents constantly apologized that he was so weak while he was growing up, this is why he thinks he is something to be ashamed of. He feels that he is not wanted, and everyone would be better without him. He is too afraid to commit suicide however. I am of the opinion that behind all his weakness there is a hidden strength he hasnít acknowledged.

Sohma Ayame:

Ayame is hilarious. Heís so dramatic. Heís constantly going on about something. He really wants to fix his relationship with his brother. Yuki. He and Yuki donít get along at all. Yuki is always annoyed by Ayameís frequently loud ramblings. I love Ayameís outrageous personality. Personally. I think him and Shigure have a little somethiní somethiní going on.

Sohma Hatori:

Ha-san or Tori is the doctor. He tends to all of the Jyunishiís injuries and such. He also tends to Akito. I like Ha-san because heís so quiet and angsty. His past is sad, but I donít know much of it. Just that he had a girlfriend, or fiancťe named Kana, and they didnít work out. She recently got married, and Ayame and Shigure tried to comfort him in their own ways.

Sohma Akito:

I really donít know much about Akito. Heís mean, a jerk. Terrorized Yuki, hit Tohru, and acts spoiled. I read something about him being born to die, but I donít know a whole lot about that. Heís the leader of the Sohmas, and they have to follow his orders.


Uo is one of Tohruís best friends as well. She is constantly reffered to as a Yankee. This means they are calling her ugly. Sheís tough and a little butch, but she was in a gang, and is actually quite pretty. She always stands up for Tohru.


Hana is one of Tohruís best friends. She is always there to protect Tohru from the Yuki Fan Club girls. She has this power where she gets electrical waves from people, and she can send them, causing people to become sick, or run.