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hiyos! here are the pictures for June 6, school and at the Sophomore picnic!! wee! so fun =)

quack quack..

click on the pic(oOOoo...rhyme-nesss...)
oh, and for the vertical pictures, depending on your comp, iono, but then for mine, it doesnt come out to the actual size bc i had to rotate them b4 putting them, on MY comp...after clicking on the thumbnail, i have to put my cursor over the large pic and wait for the little buttons to appear on the picture..and i click on the one that says actual size...the only reason for doing this is that youll have a better quality looking pic =) okies, enough of me talking. go have fun now..muah ha ha...

mei and lai ying elena friends zin & volleyball lea & volleyball
lea zin & jen zin helen lea hiding...
jack joyce, zin, helen lea & helen lookie my beautiful friends!! =) look at those evil expressions on their faces!!*evilness*
so many smiles!! friends lea on garbage can... wheres the volleyball...o.O? jack takes water break
helen aww..this came out blurry..nice smile though zin =) 'No, you may not have the camera...' never have jack be the camera man 'whats going on..'
lea's tired..=\ lea hiding..again zin rolling down the hill..her beautiful hair dirtified!! hugg!! zin, me, lea zin, lea, helen
mike, zin, lea, helen, jack ahh! its lea's scary book!! nice pic of zin's hand dontcha think?? zin makes whacky face =) this a Go board??
email me if you have some coooooll pics =)
or if you SERIOUSLY would like one of these pics taken down...