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Bush terror quotes & audio bushisms library

Tons of bushInc terror quotes to use in audio mixes... or some are
so damn funny that stand-alone they make great comedy filler between songs for your protest cds.
1malloy-bushco-lies.mp3 2028 KB
1malloy-bushco_terror.mp3 2051 KB
1stwar_of_21st_centuryDB.mp3 56 KB
500_tons_chemicals01-28-2003.mp3 39 KB
Bush-iraq_has_wmds-03-17-2003.mp3 29 KB
Bush_WMD_claim_UAVs.mp3 47 KB
Bush_response_to_global_protests.ogg 57 KB
Cheney_WMD_claim.mp3 31 KB
DubyaOrderedFullInvestigation.mp3 36 KB
HoldUsHostile.mp3 37 KB
Iraq_has_chem_bio_wmds-10-7-2002.mp3 53 KB
Iraq_has_chem_bio_wmds2-10-7-2002.mp3 23 KB
Iraq_has_chem_bio_wmds3-10-5-2003.mp3 15 KB
Iraq_has_uavs-10-7-2002.mp3 47 KB
Iraq_nukes_10-07-2002.mp3 77 KB
beacon_of_freedom.mp3 37 KB
bring_em_on.mp3 31 KB
bush-these_are_bad_people.mp3 12 KB
bush-well_bring_wmds.ogg 201 KB
bush_evildoers1.ogg 142 KB
bush_evildoers2.ogg 150 KB
bush_evildoers3.ogg 36 KB
bush_saw_1st_plane_hit.ogg 365 KB
bushribs.mp3 582 KB
cheney-iraq_has_wmds-8-26-2002.mp3 31 KB
claim_religious_butRnot.ogg 10 KB
do_not_destroy_oil_wells.ogg 137 KB
drunken_asshole.ogg 247 KB
el-grande-full.mp3 136 KB
fool_me_once.ogg 35 KB
immediate_response.mp3 25 KB
iraqnolooklikethat.mp3 26 KB
limits_to_freedom.ogg 215 KB
look_on_tv.ogg 59 KB
nukes_n_smallpox.ogg 234 KB
rumsfeld_WMD_claim.mp3 53 KB
scripted.mp3 45 KB
threats.ogg 213 KB
threats2.ogg 37 KB
trickydick_msg_4_W.ogg 222 KB
trifecta.mp3 50 KB
trifecta2.ogg 55 KB
war_equals_peace.ogg 10 KB
with_us_or_enemy.ogg 22 KB

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