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The view at the end of the hikes are awosome, looking in every direction for miles and never seeing one town, city or village. But the wildlife makes the advantage to the top or just a walk to the cabin that much more exciting.

From many trips to the mountians and countless speeches to the cabin, up and down the mountain of the wildlife and how important it is to leave them alone. I have mastered the skill, it's the wildlife not leaving me alone.

I luckliy was terrified of anything bigger then I was in my younger days, so leaving the wildlife alone wasn't a problem. See I am terrifed of snakes, especially ones that can kill you. Rattlesnakes!! I can't remember were we were at but the owner of the cabins we had rented scared the day lights out of me as I walked back to the cabin. I heard this "Rattler" then gun fire. It didn't take the gun fire to make me ran, the fastest that I could. A few minutes later his convincing my cousins and myself to have a look. I thinking nothing of it got right up to the died snake laying in the truck bed. Have you every seen a died rattler move and leak poison just waiting for you to look over the truck bed to make a sharp move in your direction while giving you a look that haunts you the rest of you life. After having nightmares the rest of the trip, I know don't go anywhere where there could be a snake.

Mistaken Identity

One very rememberable one is when I misstakenly thought a rock formation at the top of the cliff behind the cabins was a mountain lion. So in thinking that I made I big deal over nothing scary little kids and myself to the point that they were running around afraid to climb the cliff. Half the week went by before I notice it didn't move. Then the day we left a mountain lion was heard as we drive away.

In the same week I thought bull they let roam the area was a bear. I finally realized it wasn't when it's larger then life horns where bought to life by my flashlight. Tip never scream bear unless it's a bear very embrassing moment, yet still reason to run.

One that I still get bugged about is when we were camping at the Ute Lodge by Bear Lake a couple of years ago when Colorado had the big fire. The fire was maybe a forty-five minute drive away from the cabins so the wind brought the ash with it, I thought it was snow. Big difference, ash from the trees dosen't taste like snow.