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Hiking Pictures

Below are photos tooking on some of my journeys in the Colorado Rockies and else where.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Here is a picture around the Ute Lodge, very nice. Many things to do as we found out. Hike to the big aspens or to the top of the mountain for a all day hike to see the wonderful view. Horseback riding is included. Winter, fall, summer, you are more then welcomed at the Ute Lodge. Personally a great vaction spot.

Not willing to forget the trees, mountians and wildlife, I was extremely happy after the trip was over. The dark walls, moisty smell, and the fear of fallening through holes in the ground, haunted me the whole time. Then the fear of what I was going to do after we found the underground lake and river was a constant remember that the trip was dangerous. We did find the underground river, we all were saddened when the pace of the river was to fast to advantager to the lake. We tried hard to find it other ways but it wasn't meant to be.
The Life
To me the life is looking down on the land below trying to be like those in the past with out technology and all the wonderful things that we have today. The feeling of having nothing in the world to worry about now that's life. Though it didn't last long because we, used a walking talking to keep in touch with the other group of family members.