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World Tree Meditation


Some understand the Tree People as living perfectly balanced lives. With their roots deep in the Earth, tall crowns high in the Air, and strong trunks connecting & bringing everything together in the Here and Now. Lower, Middle & Upper Worlds.

Through the ages, these Grandmother & Grandfather Trees have gathered and contain deep amounts of wisdom and knowledge. They bring all this together into the Here & Now. It is the Tree Peoples wish, and of the Nature Spirits who tend them, to share this deep wisdom and understanding with us.

Go find an old growth tree, sit at its base with your back against the trunk and try to join with with it and feel this energy. If you start to get a floaty sensation or feel a little light headed and woozy, it means that you are opening and starting to tap into their energy. If that sensation makes you a little hesitant, just remember that Love is the strongest force in the Universe. Love makes you strong, fear makes you weak. At that moment, if you wish to continue, then open your heart, and let all the love that you carry within, flow out around you, and join with the Tree. You will know if you succeed.

The older the tree, the more wisdom & energy it contains, the more powerful it becomes. On the south shore of Lake Quinault on the Washington State coast, resides the worlds largest Spruce tree. This tree is so powerful, the air around it actually shimmers. The power and energy of this tree is visible for all to see.

If you connect with such a tree, your roots will go beyond just the depths of the Earth and all the lives and energies that the Earth nurtures. These roots will take you into the Past, Time, Lives and History. You can feel the Ages within your bones. The scope and breadth of its crown beholds the possibility of Things To Come and holds open a window to look through. The immensity of its trunk is the container of all this power, wisdom and understanding. To join with it, you will step outside of our linear time line. The Past and Future will be in the Here & Now, as the Tree People and those beings who are part of the tree, live.

You do not have to travel way out to Lake Quinault, although it is a worthwhile pilgrimage. Find an old growth tree closer to home. Ask Him or Her to teach you, then listen for their words. They may come as a sound or voice, or feeling the words are within your mind, or the understanding of what they are sharing may seem to just flow upwards from within yourself. When an old growth tree is cut down, all the wisdom & knowledge it contained will flow back into the Earth and is lost to us in the Physical Realm until, that Tree Spirit can be reborn and reaches its old growth state again.


copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo


The "Angel Oak" is a Southern Live Oak tree aged approximately 1,500 years. John's Island off Charleston, South Carolina.




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