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Healing Tree Meditation


This is a meditation that will bring healing to the physical body as well as stimulate emotional release and well being...

This meditation is best done in a quiet place. If you can sit upright do so, otherwise lying down will work as well.

You are going to be a tree. Visualize your body as a large tree. A mighty Oak, a majestic Maple, a beautiful Walnut, a towering Cottonwood, pick any tree that you desire. You are a tree, complete with full branches crowned with leaves, a solid sturdy trunk and deep strong roots.

Feel this tree as your body, they are one. It is a warm sunny day, the Sun is gentle but firm upon your leaves and branches. Feel the heat of the Sun on the crown of your tree. The warmth feels like the Sun on your face and arms in summer. See this energy as a golden light. Let the Sun send you this golden light and let it fill your leaves and branches. Feel this golden light start to warm you. Let the Sun fill you completely with this golden energy. When you are totally filled with the golden light all the way out to the tips of your branches and fingers, all the way down your trunk, down into your roots and legs, then thank the Sun for giving you its healing energy that is the gold light.

Next, turn your attention to your roots, this deep base that keeps you grounded in Mother Earth. Feel the damp coolness of the Earth around your roots, just like digging your toes into the moist earth. Feel this cooling as an offering of healing energy from Mother Earth. Ask her to send her healing energy to you. See this healing energy as an emerald green liquid. Pull this healing liquid up through your roots just like sucking on a straw. Feel this cooling energy start to fill your trunk body. Let it rise all the way up into your branches and crown. Sense and feel the mingling of the Suns gold light with this emerald green healing energy from the Earth. Feel the healing, the balance of both healing energies within all of your body. Let it bring release and the healing that you need.

When you have been able to do this, thank both the Sun and the Earth for helping you to heal. Remember, Love is the strongest force in the Universe. This meditation will indeed bring you both healing and love when you accept it through your Heart.


© Jennifer Sanfilippo