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Moose In Hand


I am going on the hunt!! This is the first time that I have been allowed to go. I am really grown up now. I am ready. If this hunt is successful and we bring home food, I will be an adult in my tribe!

We are going to get a moose. We use long spears for this. The moose is very dangerous, and arrows will be too small for him. We know where to go. We will have to be very patient.

We are splitting up into three groups. The first group is the smallest, only three of us. They will quietly work their way as close as possible to him. They will go around to the other side of the moose so that he is between us. When they are within throwing distance, they will jump up yelling and throw their spears. They will aim for his neck.

The second group is in hiding along the path that the moose should run. There are five in the second group. When he runs by they will stand and lunge with their spears at his neck. If he stops and turns around the first group will be there waiting for him, with the second group chasing after him.

I am in the third group, we are behind the second group in case the moose does not turn around and continues to run in the same direction. He did!!

I am very serious. I want to be a great provider for my people. I am so excited! I will not let this moose escape us. There are four in my group. When the moose is upon us we stand and yell and lunge. He stops, we continue stabbing at him, but in my excitement, I lose my grip on my spear. The moose starts to run again. I do not have my spear, he starts to drag it away with him. I cannot reach my spear, so I reach out as he starts to run. I grab a hold of the side of him with my hands. I am being dragged along through the bushes, but I will be a great provider! I hold on. But, only for a moment or two, then he shakes me loose.

When I am able to stand I start to run after him, but I notice that no one else is running. I look back at the others. They cannot run. They are all too busy rolling around laughing.

We were successful. The moose was weakened from loss of blood and we were able to track him down. I received my adult name that evening during our honoring of the Moose Spirit for his generosity and sacrifice. From that day on my name was, 'Moose In Hand'


copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo




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