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Try to have an open mind without any pre-conceived notions about what Faeries are or are not.

There are no evil, vampire, or cannibal Faeries. There are no Red Caps, no Unseelie Court. Nope, nada, not, nyet, no way Jose. They are not evil, they are not demons.

The old myths & legends are just that, myths & legends. They have been embellished and exaggerated over the centuries until they are out of proportion and accuracy. The Nature Spirits are shape shifters. With this ability, it makes it difficult to describe their appearance.

Being shape shifters, they can change their appearance from the normal pleasant look they naturally have, to one a little more frightening when angered.

We marvel and wonder about how life works, about things we call the "Miracle of Life", the "Mysteries of Mother Nature". We can better understand these things by realising that there are beings, Spirits that are responsible, are the driving force, behind all of Nature. All the green growing things, plants, trees, everything from the tiniest of mosses to the mightiest of old growth trees, usually all of the plants in your home, are taken care of, fed and nurtured by those beings called the Nature Spirits.

These nature spirits do not create life, only the Divine can do that. The nature spirits are the caretakers, the gardeners. As they are living in the Grace of the Divine, they are given the responsibility of taking care of all life.

As there is such a diversity of life, there needs to be a multitude of different spirits to help everything grow; Faeries, Flower Fae, Pixies, Sprites, Nympths, Elves, Sylphs, Undines, the Gnomes, who tend to see themselves as "Gnomes, not Fae thank you!" and this is accepted since they have a particular job that is different from all other Nature Spirits. A multitude of all varying shapes and sizes and many more whose shape and form seem to always be changing like a colorful mist or wisp of fog that seem to defy description. There is the Clan of Dark Elves (dark does not mean bad or evil, but something else) some Fae have wings, some do not depending on the specific Clan. Elves, are wingless and usually taller than other Fae. But remember that being shape shifters, all the Nature Spirits can change their size as well as their appearance.

Each and every Nature Spirit belongs to their own group, family or clan. Each different type of Nature Spirit has their own particular plant species to take care of. Because each different group, clan or family all carry their own different and unique form of energy, it ensures that each plant species will always look like it is supposed too. So, when a Flower Fae of the White Morning Glory family is working, it ensures that the White Morning Glory will look like a White Morning Glory but, with subtle differences from plant to plant. This is because even within a family, the individuals are not exactly alike, just as you look different from your parents and siblings.

Occasionally, when a bloom of growth overwhelms a Fae family of White Morning Glory's, they may call on outside help to take care of all the new plant life. Of course they will call upon their closest relatives to help. So, in this blush of new White Morning Glory growth, there may be a few Blue Morning Glory's, or even some that are variegated blue and white! So, it is with all the different plants everywhere. This is how subtle differences 'pop up' within the same plant species. If the new variation is successful it will become a new plant species. And this is how mutations occur. It also means that the particular energies of the differing Fae involved will need to be combined within a new Family of Fae. New plants, new Faeries!

This is also why, as this 'energy' or 'life force' that is given to all growing things, ultimately comes from the Divine, it is special. As this Divine life force is given to each different plant, it is a little different from every other plant species. This means that each different plant species has its own energy or life force that, can be used for the betterment and enjoyment of Man. Herbal Medicine for healing the body, mind, emotion and spirit both medicinally and magically.

The Nature Spirits are conscious beings with a deep wisdom that is free from ego. The higher orders of Fae, Elf & Gnome have an undeniable intelligence that can create beautiful and wondrous architecture. Castles, homes, buildings that the ancient philosopher Plato dimly imagined in what are now called "Platonic Ideals"

The Nature Spirits have a lightly structured society, living in balance within Mother Earth. They live within the Grace of the Divine. They have no need for the strict laws and regulations that Humans seem to force upon themselves. They do observe us and consider our ways silly and destructive. It is the job and responsibility of some of the higher orders of the Fae & Elves to watch over and guide Human Beings, just as the other nature spirits do with the plant world. So, as you can imagine, this does lead to conflict between Humans and all the rest of the Nature Spirits and the natural world.

For those who have hearts filled with love and wonderment, the Fae are happy to have you near them. Some may even follow you home if it is a happy place. House Faeries will help keep your house plants growing and bring an overall feeling of love to your home. But they are very playful and are attracted to small objects that shine or sparkle. Your keys, crystals, rings, or jewelry may end up missing. Usually these items will be returned but not to the place you left them. They could turn up anywhere. I am still waiting for the return of my favorite moon stone.

The Physical World has gradually been moved away from the Faery Realm (and yet it remains only a heartbeat away) over the last few thousand years that actual encounters do not happen as often as they once did.... But things are changing... slowly a little at a time... There will be a merging, a return to the way things were.

The Faery Realm...... is not seen with the eyes but... through the heart. Children can interact with the Faery because they have the same outlook OF life as the Fae.

It is wonderment and joy that brings the Fae close, your heart is seen and known before you say a word. Open your heart and fill it with love and joy.


copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo


"The Faery of Pure Joy" by Brian Froud ©

Simply the best Faery Artist. Brian has the gift of 'Sight'




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