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In the beginning, there were the Ancient Ones... They are the 'evolved' or 'enlightened' souls. Souls, that need not change. They are the First Children of the Earth Mother. The Ancient Ones are the Fauna and Flora of the Earth.

If you are thinking one must have consciousness and intelligence to attain 'enlightenment' ... maybe plants, trees, animals have their own form of consciousness, one that is not recognizable by most Humans. For those who can communicate with the plants and animals, no more proof of consciousness is needed. And intelligence is not so important. It is through your heart... that you will find the path to enlightenment.

Next came The First Born. The First Born tend, care for and love the Ancient Ones. The First Born, are the Fae, as well as the Dragons, Unicorn, Gnomes, Pixies, Sprites, Nymphs, Dryads, Elves and a host of Beings rarely seen or heard. Gaia, the Ancient Ones and The First Born are all inter-dependent and part of one another.

The next People to appear were called the New Born. The New Born are the Humans. By Faery reckoning, this marked the beginning of the First Age of Man. When the New Born first appeared, they were innocent but also without knowledge of how to live and grow in harmony upon the Earth and with the others that came before them.

It was given to the First Born, the task of teaching the Humans how to live in harmony, and prosper as a people.

The Fae gathered these early Humans in a place set aside in the Faery Realm, for teaching. An area that was in essence, a school. This school was run by a particular clan of High or Noble Faery. This clan is remembered today, as the Tuatha De Danaan. The Tuatha are still with us today, in the Faery Realm of course, waiting to resume their teachings.

Over time, this place was given a name by the Humans who were being taught there. It came to be known as... Avalon...

Avalon was, and still is, a part of the Faery Realm. It has been reserved for the time when the Veil between Realms will part, and the teaching will begin anew. The Fae who were the teachers, are preparing to once again, welcome new Human pupils. By Faery reckoning, this will mark the beginning of the Third Age of Man.

The Faeries who taught at Avalon were remembered, only through myths and legends. Some of these Faeries through the ages, have been deified. A few of their names can be found in the Celtic pantheons, and with an ironic twist in Catholic Sainthood as well.

It needs to also be understood, that the clan of Faery who were the first teachers, did not call themselves Tuatha De Danaan. The Humans gave them this name. And when the Veil separated the Realms, these first Humans took this title as their own and were remembered as the "Tuatha" and this... is where the myths and legends become confused.

The individual Fairy who was in charge of Avalon, came to be called by the Humans, "The Lady of the Lake".

After the Veil was raised separating the Realms, the Humans who were taught tried to continue these lessons, and developed a school of their own. This marked the end of the First, and the beginning of the Second Age of Man.

Through the years, every new leader of this school was known as the Lady of the Lake. This is how there came to be successive 'Ladies'.

There is only one Lady of the Lake. She is still in charge of this school. And she is waiting to teach once again...... when the Garden of Eden returns..........

It is here........ that many myths and legends find their origins.... "The Tree of Knowledge" ... "Paradise Lost" ... "The Garden of Eden" ...


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