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Angels have been described in many different ways down through the ages. They have been called the "Messengers" from God, intermediaries between the Divine and Humankind. They have been painted as diminutive cherubs and as tall heroic figures. Many of their names are known to us, and we know about different 'kinds' of Angels... Healing Angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels etc.

Some people are sure that they have a personal one to one relationship with their Guardian Angel. Some can hear their Guardian Angel speak to them, or feel their presence near them. A few have the gift of 'sight' and can actually see them. Some actually converse and carry on a conversation with their Guardian Angel. Others want to believe but must depend on 'faith' alone to help them.

For many of us, the main question has always been, "Do they even exist?" YES... and they have always been with us.

Here is what I have learned and have come to believe

All of the time that we Humans have been around, looking up at the stars, looking within ourselves, wondering who we are and asking this same question many times over, eventually...if we have learned to really listen... we can hear the answer. We are the Angels. OR.. We are the Angels, yet to be...

Life is meant for us to take great Joy. We have been given our lives by the Divine out of Love. We are loved. We always have been, we only needed to find this out for ourselves. We were never forgotten.

Each life we live, is also meant to teach us lessons that will enable us to seek, step up, reach out, climb higher, to return.. to the Divine.

Our lessons start easy, as a child first learning to walk. We learn.."play nice" "clean your room" "don't hit your sister". There are adults still learning these simple first lessons. It may take over half a Human lifetime to fully learn each lesson. When you encounter one of these "young souls" in an adult, do not take personal what they do or say. See them as the child still learning how to behave. It is nothing personal towards you, it is just a child still, even if they are 30, 40 or 50 years old. See them as such. Do not be influenced by the antics of a child.

Here lies one of the true teachings of the one called Jesus. By "turning the other cheek" is to accept that the one offending, does not know any better. Yet still a child is he. This is part of the "awakening" that happens within you, that is known as "Christ Consciousness" Another more ancient term is "Goddess Love" It is all the same. It is all Love.

After we have gone through the 'easy' lessons, just as in elementary school, high school, college, the lessons become much harder. When a person has lived a painful, heart breaking life... poverty, loneliness, hunger, disease, abuse, neglect... this is an "old soul" that has been around a long time. And this is a soul that is also very close to leaving school. Graduation.

When a soul has reached this stage and has finally left this Human world one more time and returned to Heaven, which is our Birthright by the way, not a reward as some would have you believe. We ALL get to go Home. When this soul is Home again, it has reached the point that they can decide along with their Guides and Guardian Angel, and with the Divine, if they need to go back at all. If they do not... they graduate. Yes, they or you.. get Wings. You are now an Angel. From this point on you no longer walk.. you fly. Congratulations!

Now, they can decide IF they want to return to another Human life. If so, it is usually in a life of Service to others. I capitalize the word Service because Service, is sacred work, and a necessary step on the Path to Enlightenment. If the new Angel decides to stay in the Spiritual Realm, it will be to watch over another that is about to make the jump down into another Human life and continue the Sacred Cycle of Life and the Path back to Enlightenment. This makes the new Angel.. a Guardian Angel.

This is the ultimate final destiny of the Human Soul. To return to Heaven and to stand fully in the Light of the Divine, and know the Love that has always been a part of us.

These are my beliefs as I have experienced and witnessed. I hope they let a little Light and Love into your life, and to help you see who you really are, and where you may be on your own personal "Path" back into the Light.

Walk in Beauty


copyright, © Jennifer Sanfilippo


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