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§+My HoMe PaGe+§

§+ AbOuT mE +§:
Well to §tart thing§ off, My name i§ *Thoma§ Ca§lake* and I*m 16 year§ old, my birthday i§ June 29,1987. I have brown hair, brown eye§, I*m about 5'11" tall, I*m a Goth/Metal~Head/Pyro, I*m a Junior at §unrise Mountain High §chool. I have been in Arizona(born), German(3 year§), North Carolina(5-6 year§), §outh Carolina(le§§ then a year), Tennee§§ee(le§§ then a year), Arkan§a(le§§ then a year), Oklahoma(le§§ then a year), Texa§(le§§ then a year), New Mexico(le§§ then a year), Arizona(came back in 1996). I can §peak alittle German, §pani§h, Japane§e, Chine§e.

§+ My HoBbIeS +§
My hobbie§ are; Drawing(anime), Playing Video Game§, Hanging Out With Friend§, Li§tening and Downloading Mu§ic, Building Webpage§, An that i§ about it. An anything that deal§ with computer§.

§+ WhAt I lIkE/lOvE +§
I like "ye§!?!" RiceBurner§, Hanging Out With My Friend§, Driving, Mu§ic, TV, Eating, §leeping, Anime, Chatting Online, U§ing The Internet, Video Game§, and Horror Movie§. I love thi§ beautiful girl with the name of Nicole(Nyki) Marie Macinni§. She is the most wonderful girl ever to step foot in my life.

§+ My FrIeNdS +§

§+ My FaVoRiTe BaNd§ +§
Let§ ju§t §ay everything but R-retard§ A-attempting P-poetry(aka RAP!! it fucking §uck§ ball§).

§+ mY pReTtY gIrL +§
My Girl i§ §o wonderfull, §he ha§ the be§t per§onality then anyone I know. §he make§ me feel §o happy, and make§ me laught a lot. Anyone who me§§e§ with thi§ girl will be writing there death wi§h (§ERIOU§LY!). And all of tho§e who me§§ed with Nyki in the pa§§ed I hope §atan ha§ fun a§§ fucking you a§§hole§ for what you did to her. How could you have done what you did to a wonderful girl like Nyki? Nyki I love you deeply, you will and will alway§ be my P..R..E..T..T..Y.. G..I..R..L..(L) I Feel Nyki we will be together forever. MUAH MUAH!!!!