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~ Terms ~

Roleplay. In a personalized term, Roleplaying is the use of creative minds and oneís own extent of ideas and vocabulary to construct a plot using characters of any gender, species, color, or element. Most communities are tightly knit, and every member seems to know one another and get along. By working together to improve and inspire, we can each take part in creating an exciting and enjoyable Roleplaying environment for all, that might intrigue new members to join us.

-P- Means private Role-play. The only people to be posting in the thread are those involved.

-AW- Means All Welcome, so the topic is free for anyone to jump in on.

O.O.C. The abbreviation for Out of Character, meaning that no Roleplaying is involved, and the characterís creator is speaking to the public on general terms and not with the character.

I.C. In character, meaning that the character you are using is speaking, acting, or performing all activity that falls under Roleplay, excluding conversations of reality.

Power-playing. Some might describe it as being indestructible or overly powerful. But to break it down as I see it, it might be properly said to be the unfairness of spars, battles, or wars. Immortality is not possible in wolves, nor is it fair to say that you have no faults. Every character should be somewhat realistic in that it has itís strengths and weaknesses. A description of a true Power-playerís character might be as follows:
Name: So-and-so
Gender: Undefined
Traits: Faster than the speed of light with an impenetrable pelt of steel and sinew and top-of-the-line, unbeatable senses. He can see through things, read minds, and control all the elements.
That is... not acceptable. I mean, you have the free will to do such things, but I can assure you, itís not the popular way to Roleplay or make good first impressions. An example of a Power-playing post is as such:
Wolf 1 hits Wolf 2 in the side, knocking the air out of him and clawing through his tender flesh.
This is controlling how Wolf 2 reacts. No one possesses the right to determine how the opponent responds or moves, especially in battles. The proper way to correct this would be the following:
*Wolf 1* He moves toward Wolf 2 swiftly, striking out and attempting to harm him with his claws.

*Wolf 2* He dodges the attack, but cannot elude the small scratch along his shoulder.
In this example, it was an even and fair deal. Wolf 2 was able to decide how he would react, and Wolf 1 was polite in allowing that. In any manner, power-playing is frowned upon in most communities unless both parties agree on -small- power-play actions.

Elemental. Elemental creatures hold the ability to control certain natural elements found on Earth. Fire, water, ice, earth, wind, night, shadows, and snow are a few examples.

Race. I refer to race as what side a character takes. For instance, a Light Race means that the character is good or perhaps even related to angels and such. Evil Races are those pertaining to the dark side. Neutrals can be a mix of Light and Evil races, or just a wolf that chooses not to take sides.

~ Expectations ~

The basics of being a good Roleplayer include, first of all, the desire and devotion to actually participate in the plots going on. If you donít have fun Roleplaying, then donít partake in it. Donít ever give up. If youíre a beginner, we have absolutely nothing against you! Weíre glad youíve come to perhaps learn and increase your experience. I started out terribly. I used slang... and I was just... very... bad. But Iíve learned, and have been inspired. My vocabulary extended, my creativity expanded, and I could think more openly. Putting forth the effort to try and learn from mistakes and other experienced members is a key to becoming successful. We wonít judge you on what you know, how you put things into words, or how extended a vocabulary you have. And if anyone does, better make note that Rainbow Chaser/Cherokee will eat the judgmental person alive. =) Here are a few guidelines you might use to increase potential, experience, and creativity.

1. Use a spell checker to make sure your posts are legible and able to be understood.
2. A thesaurus can be helpful, so as not to become literarily redundant with word usage.
3. Look up words you donít know that you see lingering around. Itíll stick with you, and add to your vocabulary.
4. Donít power-play.
5. Be socially active and helpful when possible. We love to see people willing to lend a helping paw.
6. Re-read any of your posts to correct grammatical and spelling errors. Double-check words if youíre not sure you have used them correctly in a sentence.
7. Use punctuations! Itís hard to understand whatís being said and done when the sentences run together.

Thatís just about all I can think of! Well, I think I made out pretty good. Iíve made longer explanatory posts like this, and Iím sure youíre tired of my rambling so Iíll leave it at this. But remember, if ever you need advice or a friend to help you out when it seems to get rough, Iíll always be available to talk to!

~Rainbow Chaser