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"You need to find yourself a girl mate." -Jack Sparrow I like heiffers, llamas, voles and walruses...(:

August 25th 5:40 p.m. monday

Hey!! sry I couldn't resist to keep typing lol im back again 10 min later omg im sooo obbsessed with potc that every time i got to see another movie such as uptown girls like last night at the end of the movie i sneak out and watch potc gah.. o yea if you dont know already potc is pirates of the carribean duh! but neways in seabiscuit the other day (a waste of my money) dont see it! ok u can if u want to but i laid up the arm rest and laid down across 4 seats and did crunches only about 251 reps. go me! lol then i went to the back row which was empty and ran in place i mean who can sit still through a whole movie ok maybe some ppl can...but i cant! so ive seen the whole potc twice..half of it once because my friend wanted to leave and shop and then ive snuck in and watched about half an hour of it like 5 times but neways o yea if ur not a loser go to and listen to the music i love enya!!! well i g2g! bye!!!


August 25th 5:30p.m. monday

What did I tell ya? No one tucked their shirts in and u only have to tuck them in if your wearing a guys collered tee or a baggy tee shirt ooowie u just dun got told!!! y do ppl put up lame away msgs like "brb" oohh thats soo interesting.. neways the first day of school was greta...I guess o yea kay im listening to your cd its great! good luck! k? K!!? KAY!!!! haha well all the 9th graders dun gone and left us little 8th graders and I miss yall ); heiffers and voles!!! haha.. neways.. so umm like go see pirates of the carribean..I highly recomend it. dang I didnt get any one good in my classes! haha o well i still need a lunch box i mean today i had to bring a bible carrying case..ugh awefullness hey!! new word.. o yea buddy!

August 25th monday 7 a.m.

OMG!!!!! Im sooo mad right now!! My mom and dad are takeing the dress code seriously they think I actually have to tuck my shirt in omg im wearing an AE purple fresh shirt and cordouroys and they are making me thuck them in and wear a belt! No ones going to have to do the stupid tuck -in thnig exept for guys oh I can't wait to get to school and see about two ppl with their shirts tucked in and every one being all like Oh I kneqw it was for guys! My mom seriously said She wanted me to go to Charter. Which is at Greenville tech. and omg get this they wear uniforms! Talk about controlling your life! I mean wheres the individuality? If adults can't take what we wear get over it! I mean we all wear sheer shirts with low cut pants and only the white trash ppl show there stomachs unless you lift up your shirt but duh of coarse your stomach is gonna show I mean duh! hello.... I mean its like if we flash a little skin we are gonna put an eye out...ugh! I am so not going to charter! Its so gay and you have to like do like 500 service hrs a month or something..and lots of h.w. ugh At least at League we wont have to tuck our shirts in!


August 23rd 3:34 p.m.
Hey! I think I'm obbssessed with Potc...(Pirattes of the Carribean) omg! its the bombdiggity!!!!heres a picture...or pictures.... yup im obssesed well ill ttyl all u ppls! well if neone reads this neways....byeness!


August 21st, 2003..12:26 a.m.

Omg!!! I furgot to say this!! On the way home from the mnts. I saw a llama on the side of the road so i just HAD to see it and we fed it grapes and stuff omg it was so cool lol omg the llama was sweet and kinda gay looking and then my dad walks up and tries to pet the llama and it growls at him..haha. neways the llama was cool and i went back to school shoppin today! yay! go me i got some anf blue jeans...j crew purple sweater, nikes, yellow jacket, cute bluose, and some other stuff but i really need more...ugh omg the dress code this yr says we have to tuck in our shirts now what is that!!!! my shirt cover an inch over my jeans (most of them) now how am i supposed to tuck them in...and i have long torso but fine if they wont us to give all our cool clothes away and buy new ones from some where gay like ummm.... Katherine's plus sizes and then tuck them in like steve erkel..umm no thanks.. ugh! welp i g2g byeness! (:


August, 20th 2003..8:59 p.m.

Hey! Its me, Reid, I just got back from the Lake where I went to this lame on the Lake water park with slides and water balloons but on the "beach" there were these cute tiki umbrella post that you could lay under...i get burnt really easily. I just lay there listening to Mariah Carey: Day dream...hahaha don't ask...