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~*One Life To Live Spoilers*~

~* One Life To Live Spoilers *~

Scoops For Week Of April 21-25

Jessica tries to turn the tables on Mitch- April 25
Jessica ends up in jail
Jen has to face the music- April 25
Dorian turns to RJ for help
Flash and Joey celebrate
RJ has his mind on romance
Next Week April 28-May 2
Dorian uses someone else to keep from sleeping with Mitch- April 28
Jessica and Natalie make a shocking discovery- April 29
Blair and Dorian use Lindsay to get to Mitch

SOD May Sweeps Preview
Mitch tries to get Dorian to consummate their marriage
Jessica feels guilty about Mitch's accident and Antonio is there to help her Antonio is tested by his past, namely Cole
Bo will get much more involved in Matthew's life
Clint comes back to offer Jessica his support for a short time
Joey is still involved with Flash and her failing health
Dorian uses Lindsay to her advantage
Mitch disappears A new person connected to Mitch's story turns up Joey is attracted to Jen and Flash Bo gets closer to Nora as Max gets closer to Gabrielle Thursday-Cristian promises Natalie that he only loves her.
Marcie struggles to help Al beat addiction.
Flash and Joey celebrate her success.
R.J. tries his hand at romance.
Mitch commits murder.
Jen faces the judge.

From ABC: Jen gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Marcie helps Al come clean. Dorian is Mitch's unwilling partner in a deadly crime. Matthew interrupts Bo and Gabrielle's romantic evening. Jessica tries to turn the tables on Mitch, but she winds up in jail.

Fri-Jen guesses that Al and Marcie slept together.