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If you're tired of decorating your web pages with rectangular banners, here's a way to throw a curve at your visitors.

Upload your banner to the ImageMagick Studio. Click the tab marked "F/X." On the F/X page click the radio button marked "wave." Enter a parameter in the text area. Click the button marked "effect."

The wave effect creates a sine wave (a curvy line). The parameter defines how high the curves will be (amplitude) and how long the curves will be (wavelength). So, for example, if you entered 30x70 you'd get a curvy line that was 30 pixels high by 70 pixels long.

Original Banner

Curved Banners

If you'd like to make a banner that's arched in the middle, use a wavelenth that's twice as long as the width of your banner. My sample banner is 260 pixels wide, so to create an arch in the middle, I used a wavelength of 520. A wavelength of 1040 created a half-arch.

In order make the arch curve up or down, you can use possitive numbers or negative numbers for the amplitude.

Its best to be conservative with the size of your arch. If you make it too big, the lettering on your banner will begin to look distorted. As always, be creative and play around with the numbers.

Happy Imaging
~Ms Diddler~

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