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You've got to dance like nobody's watching
and love like it's never going to hurt


~*Marilyn*~ DazzlingCutie     

About Me

name : Marilyn
age : 13
birthday : June, 12th 1990
zodiac : Gemini
chinese zod : Horse
location : California
hair : brown, red highlights
eyes : brown
skin : tan
race : Phillipino,english
role model : Paris Hilton
interests : Shopping, guys 
food : pizza
drink : water
perfume : Glow by J.Lo
personality : moody..

Definition for Halloween:

-Celebration where little kids dress up and get candy, teens dress up, get drunk, and go get candy, and adults dress up, get drunk and give out candy.

 Pix ... Ha Ha Ha

Ha! Look at my friend Jessica. She's so funny pretending she doesn't see me!







And Up^  Is my friend Melissa,


Since I am sucky at taking pictures, most of the ones I took were fuzzy. So I  need to take more pictures and hope that they won't be fuzzy.