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Literature & Poetry

The Official Website of Horror author Stephanie Simpson-Woods
Horror shorts, recent novels, blog, forum and more


Moon Lament

A journey into morbid melody. Why wait for midnight when midnight can come to you...


Homepage of Macabre author Walter T. Anderson

Horror in its purest story telling form - the written blood-soaked word. Walter T. Anderson, called the Master of the Macabre by many invites you to his nightmare of Madness


Roses & Thorns - Dark Poetry,vampires,ghosts,gothic stuff,magic,spells,tests
and more!

Gothic Books

Gothic Poetry Of Demon Robber

Deep Dark Gothic Poetry

The Library Of Classic Vampire Literature

Gothic Literature

Haunted Library

Horror Writers Association

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Horror Movies

Touched By The Hand Of Goth: Classics Of Gothic Horror Cinema

International Movie Data Base

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Visual Arts

a site dedicated to dark photography. Gothic, Romantic, Mystic 
but mainly strrrange photographs by viona



new! Garden Studio Gallery

new! Eye in the Dark Arts - A collage of dark images and events in mixed media wtih dark poetry.

Hard Edged art of Venjamin Jimenez - view the art work of this very talented twisted artist - mature viewers please due to nudity and disturbing images (adult contents)

GothArt Photography

Aumania Fantasy Art

The Vampire Chronicles Gallery

Olga's Gallery

Pre-Raphaelite Indecent Images

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Goth Music

Goth Revival

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Gothic Comics

Horror Comics At

Lily And Rose

Chuckwick's Chaos! Comics Shrine

E. C. Horror

Girls' Horror Comics


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Gothic Tv Series

new! Kindred: The Embraced

new! American Gothic - Series Guide


new! Millenium - Series Guide

new! Rohan's X-Files Realm

new! - The Crow: Stairway To Heaven

new! - The Twilight Zone

new! SET Presents Tales From The Crypt

new! Urban Gothic - Series Guide


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Gothic Animes

new! Angel Sanctuary

new! Vampire Princess Miyu

new! Pegasus Seiya's Anime Condominium...Bastard!

new! Bronze Zetsuai Since 1989

new! Juzzam's Ghost In The Shell Page

new! Kakyou Kuzuki's X Dimension

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