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The opinions expressed below are those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the Black Goat Cabal.

Satanic chanting
by Melek

One of the best ways to open a door to the Other Side, so to speak, is by chanting or mantra. When used assiduously, a name chant can put one in touch with the object of the chant, through identification. "You ARE that."

Here are a few tips to help the beginning chanter:

  1. Be careful in choosing a name to chant. Names can have "side- effects"...

    For example, I have found that it is better to chant "Hail Satan" than just the name "Satan" (which I did for years). The side-effect was that my own self-esteem issues were magnified. By chanting Satan, I identified with His power and boldness, but also with His role as "the bad guy". When I chanted Lucifer, the side- effect was a strong Venus current. (When I chanted these names together, "Satan-Lucifer", I got a curious sense of balance, in a Taoist sense...)

    Keep in mind also that if you choose a name connected with a pre-existing cult or religion, you probably will, after a while, be attracted to that group. So, if you chant "Odhinn", you will probably find yourself in a Norse group, or at least, you'll be attracted to them and their ways. I can't stress this enough: When you chant/ meditate on a name in this way, you will experience EVERY aspect of it. Be prepared for that.

  2. Once you've found the correct name/mantra/chant for you, start off slowly. Choose a time each day when you can be alone in your ritual chamber. Light a black candle. Sit comfortably (or stand before your symbol of Satan, if this is better for you). Then, for Fifteen minutes (15 is the number of the Devil Tarot card), chant out loud, softly. As you chant, it's good to have a visual focus. In this way, your mind associates the chant with that object. (I usually used the Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes.) At the end, you can add some spontaneous act of devotion to Satan if you like. Try your best to do this ritual every day at the same time. Upon waking is good--if you do it before bed, you may not be able to sleep, as chanting will charge you up.

  3. After about a week, as you go about your daily activities, try to mentally chant whenever you can. When you do this, it's good to have a picture in your mind of your visual focus, but it's not crucial. The trick here, is to make your chant a constant. Chant as much as you possibly can. Then, it will become like a tower of strength to you. I can tell you that after chanting the names of Satan for 17 years, the devotion I've put in has totally paid off--I really feel the presence of Satan in my life. You will too.

  4. Whatever you do, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. You won't necessarily be able to chant all the time--that's the goal, but if you don't reach it, it's just dumb to beat yourself up. Just do what you can.

    My problem has been going from chant to chant--Some names have so much power that you may feel some unease when you chant them. I've had that experience, so I'd change the name to something else (see above)...but that's not beneficial in the long run. The best thing is to pick a name and stick with it. Instead of changing names, you can change the chant--so if the name Satan gives you any problems (because of a xtian upbringing, like in my case), chant "Hail Satan" or "Ave Satanas" or "Satan-Lucifer" or even "Satan Rules!".

    You should be comfortable with your chant. It should feel natural to you.

    Don't pick a mantra or chant simply because it seems "arcane" or mystical or exotic. This is a mistake many people make. They start chanting one of the sanskrit mantras without a proper idea of the meaning--and they end up in a hindu monestary somewhere, eating a lot of rice, and praying to some indian yogi, while giving up their lives to an alien culture! This goes back to what I said in #1.

The eventual payoff? Chanting Satan-Lucifer's name will give you a kind of freedom no-one can prepare you for. You'll be identifying yourself with the ULTIMATE personage of freedom itself. Not only that, but you'll experience His presence in a real way. He will give you an inner strength which will help you to conquer any and all problems in your life. On top of all this, you will have a relationship with Him. You will know Him as Father, Brother, and dearest Friend...indeed, He will become a part of you. His name will become like a shield to protect you from the dogma of fools...

Hail Satan!

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