Comité Interinstitutional para Manejo y Control de Especies Introducidas

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Introduced Species

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Welcome to the CIMEI. The index bar above will guide you to other pages with more information about us. Meanwhile, below you can find some basic information about the CIMEI.

What does CIMEI mean?

CIMEI stands for the Interinstitutional Comittee for the Managmement and Control of Introduced Species.

What is the CIMEI?

CIMEI was formed en 2001 to work on the control and management of domestic animals in the rural and urban zones. Without control these animals can cause problems in the health of the community in general as well as the biodiversity of the ecoculture in the Galápagos National Park.

What does the CIMEI do?

We have many projexts relating to introduced species. In particular we work in the urban and populated zones which have so far escaped the attention of the National Park. There is a three year plan to control the introduced species on San Critóbal and that is centred on four programs considered the most urgent:

Our activities include programs to sterilize dogs and cats; the registration of all pets; the technical control of rodents using poisons that are non-toxic to the environment in general; cleaning the community of the waste and pollution which encourages stray animals and harbours disease.

Why are these animals a problem?

When these animals are loose in the streets they eat the rubbish and spread diseases that can affect both human and health and the health of those animals native and endemic to the Galápagos.

Why was the CIMEI created?

In May 2001 Santa Cruz Island, in the Galápagos Archipelago experienced a serious epidemic of "canine distemper". The out break spread quickly but fortunately it never arrived in San Critóbal where people and pets cohabit closely with a large colony of sea lions. Although this epidemic passed the voice of warning remained and so, to prevent further problems, the CIMEI was formed on San Cristóbal ISland under the dirrection of the Municipal Government. It now consists of the following 15 member institutions from both the public and privtae sectors:

What has the CIMEI achieved so far?

What is the future mission for the CIMEI?

There is an important shared responsibility for the Galapaueña community to confront the problems of introduced species and the CIMEI is striving to build open what has already been achieved. In the following years it hopes to extend its work to include other introduced species that also cause problems: insects, invasive plants, other pests, and also other animals which will require better management and control such as birds and farm animals.

What can people do to help?

There are many things with which you can help us. For example, to understnad the problem and pass knowledge opf our activities to other people. If you have free time and experience in the management of domestic animals you could help us as a volunteer. Or you could just make a financial donation to the CIMEI to help our program which would appreciate your support so that we can go on protecting the Galápagos.

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