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Elfin Haven

"Out of great complexities emerge great simplicities" ~Winston Churchill~ It has often crossed my mind that what many people do not see, they choose not to believe. Yet these same people also believe in a higher being. Someone they cannot see. 'Tis a strange and glorious world we live in.... It is a belief of mine to practice what you preach. I am an avid fan of any thing wiccan, and anything otherkin. I believe myself to be an elf, i even have slightly pointed ears. But that's not really what all of this is about. It's more about the fact i want to find others like myself, see if there are any others, and create a haven, a sort of nirvana if you will. Where we can be free from ridicule and persecution by the masses. Ah well, 'tis just a dream, but dreams have an awful way of turning into ambition, don't you think?

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