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Time Flies... Chance's Fate


September 14, 2003; 9:58 PM
Ok, so one more person knows of my secret crush, and i now have vital info on him. Its not good news for me... it actually kinda crushed me... but anyway... im not gonna write it so that in case she's actually wrong(please!), my destruction won't be recorded.... but yes, one of my friends found out... mostly because i'm stupid and mentioned a crush... i kinda hate myself for that. i sure do hope i can trust her not to tell him, and i really hope what meg said is true. please, oh please let it be true. but enough babbling for now, i hate babbling, but its about all i end up doing. ach. well, i definitly got a new alarm clock today. now if you know me, getting a new alarm clock is big. ive been complaining about the one i had for 2 years! having a new one will definitly be very nice. BTW, 3 Doors Down's new single Here Without You, completely ROCKS my world.

September 9, 2003; 8:25 PM
Ok, I found out that one of my friends has a new boyfriend and that they have been going out for a while. Funny enough, she hadn't told anyone till today when she told me and Ryann and guess what, everyone else knows about it now... wanna know why? because Ryann can't keep her mouth closed... :shrug: i dunno... its wierd cuz it seems as if she was kinda reluctant to share... also, i think its kinda funny because i never really thought about it at all... I mean, he's so... plain... and kinda boring, and i could never see her with him... then again, maybe that's just me because i don't really like him that much. I mean, he's a friend, but he kinda annoys me... Sorry Em!

September, 5, 2003; 9:45 PM
So I really don't know what to write about since i just updated my mission log at aliasboards and put everything that i would ever say there... mainly because what i wrote is really personal and tells something that i would rather keep private and i know that no one really ever reads it... so, yeah, everything interesting is there. but of course, to read that, you have to be part of the boards, and if you are, then you have to figure out which mission log is mine, and trust me, im not telling... ok, so I went to FCA this morning for some reason, and to tell you the truth, I actually kinda enjoyed it, though i wouldn't tell any of my friends who tried to convince me NOT to go that i did. I mean, Anna and Meg were kinda wierded out by it, and Graham, well i didn't let him know because he is trying to get FCA disbanded. Good luck to him, i doubt he'll be able to do it. And if he some how is able to read this, then whatever. He can know then. He'll stop being my friend though, not that I really care because if he thinks that just because i went to FCA means that he can't be my friend, then he's just completely not worth it. Oh, the reason i dont think he'll suceed in disbanding FCA is because its a country wide organization, and to get rid of it in one school you have to in every school in the nation. Or at least that's what I think. And anyway, its before school hours, and the school doesn't officially recognize it. Also, there are plenty of people who are willing to stand up against him and if it comes down to it, i think I'll stand against him as well. WEll, that's it.

August 31, 2003; 10:13 AM
I really haven't had the time to update lately have i? well, there really hasn't been much time, but there is one thing that i'd like to get off of my chest now. I found out a few days ago that one of my friends smokes, and just started smoking. I'm kinda afraid for her because she's becoming friends with all of the druggies at my school, and she's so much better than that. Well, i'm gonna talk with some of my other friends about it(well, just one) and see what she thinks, then take action before she gets in too deep.

August 18, 2003; 5:50 PM
Ok, so we have this assignment in Lit where we have to right in a journal... basically, that means that we have to have 5 entries that we make up each time she picks up our journals, so what i am going to do is start writing some sort of story in there... not quite sure yet what the story's gonna be about, but that's what i'm gonna do... yep... besides, this is already my journal type thing, so why bother keeping two of them?

August 17, 2003; 8:30 PM
I hate school... may i say that again? I HATE school... all of my new teachers suck... except maybe one, but that's only because i am very much like her... most people see her has a bitch that they really don't want to get to know, but i kinda feel like everything she says is something that i would in some way say... but that's beside the point... i kinda have to hide the fact that i kinda like her because no one else does. Whatever... well, then there is another of my teachers, for AP US... he kinda makes me feel like i am nothing... and i don't like feeling like that... then there is tech, which i knew what i was getting into... and then for all my other classes... i just can't stand any of it... grr.... specially because i have hardly been able to get online.... its all very annoying... and the fact that i now have a computer in my room makes no difference because the dial up won't work in my room... and the fact that i have a mound of homework due tomorrow doesn't make it any better... i give up!

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