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Here are some poems that I have written... I hope that you enjoy them. :) If you have any comments then please e-mail me. Your comments are appreciated. :)

There are currently seven poems on-line.


Lost Love

Sitting here alone

Thinking of you

Wanting to be in your arms

Knowing I never will be

†††††††† * * *

I keep hearing your voice

Seeing your face

My heart is breaking

Missing your embrace



The haunting melody

Echoing around my mind

Soft notes floating



A teardrop falls

A candle flame flickers

The names are read out

A wreath is laid gently, respectfully

Silence falls

Rows of heads are bowed

The memorial stands

Tall, Strong, Forever


Who Are You?

When I laugh: you laugh with me.

When I cry: you cry with me.

When I am scared: you hold me close and comfort me.

When I need to talk: you sit with me and listen.

When I am down: your smile cheers me up.

When all I need is someone: you are there.

When I am alone?

I am never alone- I have you.

Who are you?

You are my friend.


A True Friend

As I walk down the street

I see faces, familiar faces

Blank, expressionless, empty

I try to speak to them

But they turn away

I reach out to touch their shoulders

But they run away down the street

I feel so alone

I feel like Iím invisible

I feel like I donít exist


I carry on walking down the street

The dull, grey street, where I donít exist

I hear someone call my name

I stop and listen

People push me about like Iím worthless

Someone taps me on the shoulder

I turn to see who it is

It is my best friend with her warm brown eyes

She pulls me into a hug as I cry


ďDo not worry,Ē she whispers

ďYou are not alone

As long as you have true friends

You never will be.

The people you see in this street?

They are not true friends.

They will not be with you through everything life throws at you,

But I will.Ē


Where Did Daddy Go?

Where did Daddy go?

I havenít seen him for weeks.

Mummy, where is he?


Is he coming back?

Will he be home by Christmas?

Mummy, please tell me.


Why are you upset?

Mummy, whatís in the letter?

Where did Daddy go?


Eternal Silence

Gunshots, echoing.

Blood, all that remains of them.

Total destruction.


Women, children, quiet.

Remembering with candles.

Their silent tears fall.


Many years later

Crowds stand silent, church bells ring.

They will remember.