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This page is currently underconstruction and needs more information to be added to it, so please come back later for more updates and details. This page was designed by Thea and for her extra credit math project so really...I wasn't just bored one day -- ^_^. Please come back later for updates and more "interesting" things.

++A note to Ms. Dabolt Wow, Ms. Dabolt you wouldn't expect me to be this creative and come up with a project like this didn't you? Well I just wanted to be very unique and try somthing different besides paper and writing!! ^_^ Well as you can see I am very interested in "HTML" and I am really good at it!! Well....hopefully I'll get a good grade for this. -- 0_o pwhahaha
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++Right now I'm currently.....
Saturday 12, 2003 (10:59am) hmm..right now I am currently looking over the web to give me some idea's a math web page would have on it..Wow..this is hard but you know, it's going to be worth it...**Looking in progress***
Teacher Workdays -- February 13-14, 2003
President's Day -- February 17, 2003
Teacher Workday -- March 28, 2003
Junior Honor Society Program -- April 8, 2003
Ms. Mason Poetry Project due -- April 9, 2003
3rd Quarter Report Cards -- April 9, 2003
7th grade HonorRoll Party -- April 11, 2003
Spring Break -- April 14-18, 2003
AG Field Trip to UNC CHARLOTTE -- April 25, 2003
UNC CHARLOTTE (A.S.U.) Asian Night -- April 26, 2003
Memorial Day -- May 26, 2003
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL -- June 10, 2003
Graduation -- June 11, 12, and 13, 2003
Make-up Days -- January 21, February 13, 14, 17, March 28, and May 26, 2003
Report Cards Schedule: November 6, January 29, April 9, and June 10 (Elementary) or June 17 (Secondary Report cards mailed by this date)
Mid-Quarter Progress Report Schedule: September 19, and 20, December 2 and 3, February 24 and 25, and May 5 and 6
* Mid-Quarter Progress Reports are distributed to each student in each class to take home to parents on days indicated above for each quarter A-Day--B-Day Schedule 2003: Any day missed will be added to the next "Make-up Day" without impacting to entire calendar. For example; if school is missed on December 6 "B-Day", January 21, the make-up day would be a "B Day" to replace it