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Neopets Guild


*Breanna* Hey darlin.. SoOo many times.. lsjflk=1000 words, MERRHA.. Lesbian positions and 3 way kisses are kinky.. but most guys like it ;-).. were NYMPHOS! Luv ya babe.. BFF

Why are you walking that way?? the time in the car with all them people at ashleighs party, my homecoming after party: STOP YOUR NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!, the lake.. TOO many times, ill make another page eventually for ALL our inside jokes.

Hey sw33ti3!.. Your the only chykk on cheerleadin i can for real talk 2! WE're plotting an EVIL plot! CHICKEN LEG! i wanna rape him.. but he's passed out, DAMNIT!!

hey care bear.. i've known you since i moved here gurl.. youve always been there 4 me, say it aint so we will not go.. turn the lights off.. MINEME!.. we love 2 stalk andy.. deaf mexican.. cant 4get the beach, n 8 in da moanin

*Holly n Cortni*
U guyz we're mah gurlz back in tha day when we were actually allowed to hang out, never forget all the times at the ice station, the campground, my party, n just goofin the flip out at school, MWUAH! i miss u 2!~

*.... Jarrett, derek, chance, doug, ryan, daniel, drew, zeke, nick, daniel, andrew, paco, nn ahh, more people comin soon, i jus forget!!*