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Kandra B. was born in Vancouver BC,she still resides there to this day

Kandra is hard at studies most of the time,but when she isn't studying she enjoys:

*In the summer she fills her days with hiking and camping at various locations in BC. Kandra has two children ages 10years,and 7years.They are also avid campers and outdoors men.When she is home she enjoys working in her large backyard. She owns a half an acre in Pitt Meadows that is full of fun and exciting things for children to do. Most of the nieghborhood children can be found enjoying themselves at her house.Here is a photo of her last hiking trip up the Golden Ears:

*Kandra is working towards a science degree in Medical Technology. As you can imagine this keeps her pretty busy during the fall and winter months. She has high academic achievements in all of her courses to date, so she is well on her way to completing her dream. If you would like to wish her luck you can e-mail her at


*She also enjoys playing baseball in the Pitt Meadows leauge. This helps keep her active, and also provides an outlet for her energy. In her down time she is happy to quietly read a Stephen King novel,and eat pizza.

To find out more about Baseball,game times,scores,and local standings you can go to

*Kandra only has one pet, this is a cat named shadow. He is friendly,and was recently photographed for a calander. I have enclosed that picture below.

Thank-you for taking the time to learn more about Kandra.

See you later!