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Errr..... hey. I'm Bakhu. I'm a fire wolf half-demon (Dun ask.), obsessed with anime, and loves to kill.... *licks fangs* I also love to draw and write stories when I have the time. I guess you can also call meh insane, but I prefer UNIQUE.

Malik: Why don't you give Shizuka's camera back?

Bakhu: Cause I need it, Niisan!!

Malik: Errrrr..........

Ishizu: Malik, I need your help with storage.

Malik: But Ishizu!! I can't!!!

Bakhu: Go on, Niisan. Oh yeah. That's Ishizu, meh oneesan. *points at Ishizu*

Ishizu: C'mon now, Malik. *drags Malik off*

Malik: -___-;;;;;;;

Bakhu: *snikers*


Random Quote: You cannot destroy me. I will return for I am the darkness... --Bakhu


Everehthing got deleted. --; I can't believe it. So I'm just startin out with the adopted page.

Is doing quizzes.

Added some piccehs.

Is workin on The Curse now.

Started to work on webbeh. Added a few things.