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Sri Aurobindo Study Circle

Houston, TX, USA. 

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The study circle holds a get-together in alternate months with a larger group from Houston and neighboring areas at someone's residence or at a picnic place. We select a theme in Integral Yoga and discuss with readings from Mother and Sri Aurobindo's writings. The retreat, which is usually carried out for about 3-4 hours either on Saturday or Sunday ends with meditation, and a potluck dinner. Previous retreats were held in the homes of Radha Krishna, Ravi, Cyril, Rama, and at places like Japanese Tea Garden in Herman Park at Texas Medical Center, Gardens of Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Southwest Houston, Galveston Beach. etc. Themes contemplated in previous retreats include "Basics in Integral Yoga,
"Aspiration, Rejection, and Surrender", "Cosmic Consciousness", "Topics in AUM Conferences" etc. Participants in the Study Circle are encouraged to volunteer holding the retreat at his/her homes or elsewhere, and every one will participate in potluck dinner.