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The up side and the down side

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Habitat loss and predators

The main loss of the Elephants life is habitat loss and poaching. Habitation loss is due to the fact that population's growth of humans and the destruction from there own species. The other one of the biggest factors of their death is poaching. For as long as people have been around they have poached Elephants for their Ivory leaving the rest of the body behind to rot.


Elephants are very large animals and have to eat a lot to survive. Elephants eat more than 300 pounds of food a day and they eat at all the hours of the day. Elephants being herbivores spend their days rummaging around in shrub looking for fruits, leaves, bark, and branches. Although Elephants may eat a lot they don't use half of what they eat. Along with a great amount of food Elephants must drink a lot of water. Elephants drink about 60,0880 gallons of water a day. When looking for food elephants can do a great deal of damage, they can uproot trees just to get the amount of food they need.