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Avatars and Icons Collected by Artemis Archeress

Here I have five pages of avatars and icons, mostly relating to Lord of the Rings. I made these pages mainly for me, so the avatars are based on my interests. None of these are made by me, but by other people all over the place. The very few that are made by me, I use myself and didn't put up on any pages. Please upload any avatars or icons you use to your own server as I will most definately end up being short on bandwith considering I'm too cheap to pay for website hosting and only have angelfire free. So browse around. It may take a while to load considering there is a lot on each page, but if you wait a while, I think it's worth it. People with dial-up, I pity you. Enjoy!

Avatars Collection Links

Lord of the Rings Actors
Lord of the Rings Characters
Songsets and Sorrow
Miscellaneous and Other Movies
Largest Collection Ever of Funny Icons, Possibly
Ones I Put Into Animation, Tweaked, or Entirely Created Myself