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  10 Sentences Of Love


10 Sentences Of Love
Love Towards Family
Love Towards You
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10 things that I've always wanted to let you know. Well, some of them you might already know ^_^ [-17-]

  1. I am always very HAPPY to see your smiling face.
  2. Whatever or whenever I am doing something, your FACE keeps popping in my mind, up and down, left and right.
  3. Hope to see you EVERYDAY.
  4. I will LOVE you FOREVER.
  5. I will take good CARE of you FOREVER.
  6. I will do my best to make you HAPPY every single day.
  7. I have always wished to have a happy FAMILY with you.
  8. I MISS you every single second that clicks in the clock.
  9. I LOVE your FAMILY like my own.
  10. I will try my best never to make you CRY and if you do I'll always be there for you. [-109-]

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