Blarg: ish, blah.

Blurb: 1. A small article Mr. Wert makes us read 2. A real word Joyce didn't know existed 3. Just something funny to say .

Cocough You: something u say when someone coughs.

Confuzzled: when you are more than just confused.

Dayyum: when a guy is hotter than hot.

Floccipoccinihilipfication: marcus wont tell me.

Glorius: great, wonderful.

Goo: another word for ew.

Idiosyncratic: unique; a synonym for marcus.

Ish: something to say when you can't think of anything else or if something is bad.

Meep: just something to say when there is too much silence.

Paternal unit: father.

Peem: meep backwards.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovocanoconiosis: a lung disease that u get from volcano ash.

Qua: another word for what.

Score: YAY!, excellent.

Shim: a person whom you can't tell if they are male or female.

Spoot: we still arent sure what this means yet...

The Woo: Woodbury , NJ USA

Unghettofi: to make something not ghetto liek what hitler(dr. makie) is trying to do to the woo.

By: Jess and Joyce; ©JD

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