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We are… a resource for boutique owners and designers seeking child models for web, print, and media.

We are… a network of photographers coast to coast whose outstanding work showcases their talent for capturing little smiles whilst wearing the latest designs and accessories bringing a mere photo to life through a lens and a passion.

We are… an alternative to: traveling; long lines and waiting hours at casting calls/auditions and go-sees; disappointment; rejection, and expense.

We are… a company designed and owned by a woman with an extensive background in retail and modeling; from walking the runway in London, to prestigious New York City and Miami model and talent agencies. And whose young daughter, previously a Ford model in Miami, is now booking for two agencies in New York City (print and commercial/TV) including one of the top talent agencies in the world.

We are... boutique modeling for children aged 0-19 years and adults. For children wishing to take that first step into the world of modeling (or perhaps supplement agency bookings), boutique modeling is a unique, fun, and exciting way to gain some experience, whilst building a portfolio and gaining exposure to agency and other professionals within the industry.

We are… the liaison between model, boutique, designer, and photographer.

We are… one of the five original boutique model referral services.

We are... currently accepting submissions for children 0-19 years and adults.

We are… Moda Munchkin.

Moda Munchkin is in the credentialing process to become a fully-licensed model and talent agency.

Moda Munchkin currently has over 250 active children listed.


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