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May 18, 2009

On May 8th the first big spring storm hit this area.  The husband was at work and I had the house all to myself and enjoying peace and quiet.  The sky darkened and then darkened some more.  I had to turn the lights on!  Sheesh!  There was a short thunder storm then things lightened up and it looked like the day was not going to be all that bad.  My mistake.  An half hour later all hell broke loose.  Lightening, thunder, rain and wind.  Lots of wind.  I heard something crack outside and a dead tree near our pasture had fallen over.  Then the lights went out and the wind really picked up speed.  I checked outside and my big beautiful cedar tree was on the ground.  How it missed my new car, I will never know.  I went out and moved my car to the middle of my yard away from trees.  And the wind picked up more speed.  I headed for the basement.  Got my chair, water, crackers and peanut butter.  Oh yeah, and the flashlight.  Then I figured I better grab a few more things and looked out my front door and two of my maple trees were down and they both missed the house.  I watched my BBQer rise to the ceiling of my porch and then was tossed like paper across the porch.  Down to the basement fast.  Shingles flying everywhere.  By this time, I was plenty scared.  Then the basement window blew out and I thought I had been shot and ran up the stairs in time to see my mulberry tree split in three directions.  The walnut tree looked like it was on our pickup and I knew it was a goner.  Enough, I called the husband at work and finally got through to him and I have no idea what I said to him.  I just was glad to hear his voice.  He headed home.  By the time he arrived home after walking a quarter mile to get there , because trees were down everywhere, the sun was shining and the day was beautiful, except I had 6 very very big trees lying in the the yard, and across the road.  I didn't care, I just had to have those arms around me telling me I was okay.  It took a week before we got electricity back. We still have trees in the yard that we have to cut out, and our small chain saw can't cut those.  We have our lumber tarps on the roof, (since there is no shingles) which if a plane flies over he will think he made a wrong turn.  It has Pinehurst Idaho written on the tarps!  I have lots of pictures and will be putting them in the scenic section.  I have to get the pictures developed first though.  With everything going on, I forgot to drop them off to be developed.   Oh yeah, listening to the news I guess the winds were from 80 to 100 miles an hour!  Almost like an inland hurricane.  AND, the pick up made it through the storm.  The walnut tree missed it!


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May 18, 2009