Title: Sleeping Beauty

Authoress: Robin the Crossover Junkie

Rating: NC-17 overall

Pairing: Wesley/Angel

Spoilers: vague season 5 spoilers, in that it takes place during season 5, but a lot of the events of season 5 don't actually take place. Mostly because I'm too lazy to work them in.

Blame Dedication: Spikes_heart for the incredible amount of help in, you know, coming up with the plot. Because she's really good at that. And also helping me whenever I got stuck. The Brat Queen for writing such great stuff that it inspired me to write some Wes/Angel of my own. My Sheep for also helping me whenever I got stuck. Mad Poetess for helping me hammer out the very-stubborn ending, even though I could SO tell she didn't want to. *smooches*

Author's Ramblings Notes: I have a feeling a lot of people are going to ask about the title, Sleeping Beauty. Well, it's a metaphor. That's all you need to know. If I have to explain it more, I obviously did a bad job. *grin* Also? Angel's curse? I've decided I'm too lazy to come up with a reason for it not to work, so I'm going to ignore it. If it helps you to believe that there was a spell over the summer, or that Wolfram and Hart made it go away for him, or whatever, you believe that. I'm just too lazy to explain it away. *grin* Also, I'm playing with the timeline and some of the events. I have nothing against Fred, but she's…not around. Don't have anything about why not, she's not really mentioned, nor is what happened to her in canon, because, well, like I said, she's not mentioned. Take it on faith: she's not needed for this story to work, not really. This is one of those events that I'm too lazy to work in.

There's a bunch of Gaelic in here, because, well, I love it when Angel speaks Gaelic! However, some of it might not...be…right. I used an English-Gaelic dictionary, and had to go word by word many times (except for the ones that were so helpfully on a site that had Gaelic swears and their meanings, which also clued in to me because in Mad Poetess' Chocolatey Goodness (you all should read it) there's an insult in Gaelic and I found it there and it made me squee with my fangirl love of her. Hee!) and some of it could be just plain wrong. But really, how many of you know Gaelic? ;) I think I'm fairly safe.

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