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Name: Courtney
Nicknames: Punk, Butthole, Courtz, Josie, Court, Little Sis
DOB: March 10, 1987
Age: 14
Family: Mom Cindy, Dad Ronnie, Brother, Josh (pain in the booty!)
Friends: Carol, Racheal, Katie, Katy, Iffy, Kalya, Michael, Chrissy, Miranda, Randi, Punk there are many many more.

Color: Blue Red Black
Actor: Right now Eric von Detton
Actress: Drew Barrymore
Food: Pizza, home-made chinise food, ice cream
Singers: Natural, Linkin Park, Nsync, POD, Pink, Otown many many more.
Songs: The Game Is Over, Don't Let Me Get Me, Alive, One Step Closer, Take Me Under many more there too! lol i love my music!
Contact me:
aim: luv4mikenatural
yahoo: michael_johnsons_gurl and rainbow_kisses_blued_eyed_stars