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Here's what People are Saying about Bill Stouffer, Candidate for Missouri State Senate, District 21

October 4, 2004

My husband, Stephen Richard “Rick” Manning was killed by a drunk driver on February 7, 1998. Page Bellamy was the prosecutor in the case. Mr. Bellamy talked me and my family into taking a plea bargain, which was a terrible mistake. Bellamy sold us out to his friend, the defense attorney for the man who killed my husband. The drunk driver, Stanley Voorhes, had 4 previous DUIs and no license. He only received 14 months in jail and served a short period of time before being released. He was also supposed to maintain a cross for Rick and pay for his funeral and he hasn’t done either. Page Bellamy ought to be ashamed of his record.

A Jackson County case, similar to that of Rick's, went to court just after Page Bellamy urged us to let Mr. Voorhes plead to a lesser offense; that drunk driver was sentenced to 15 years. How is that fair? I have always trusted the that fairness will win out. That did not happen with Rick's death. What happened to the intention to wipe out drunk driving deaths?

We need someone in Jefferson City who is tough on crime and supportive with those of us who are victims of such senseless behavior. The Missouri State Senate needs a man of values and integrity with common sense that we can trust. That is why I am supporting and voting for Bill Stouffer for State Senate and I am asking you to do the same. Bill is a farmer from Marshall and a successful businessman. He has the values and background that represent the people and the way of life of the 21st District.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, please join me in casting your vote for Bill Stouffer for State Senate.


Julie Manning, Odessa, MO