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Judgment Prerelease, St. Charles, 5/18-5/19: Results coming soon!

$300 IQ Event, Comic City, 5/4: Aaron Hauptmann won the second major Type 2 event in a row, defeating Jesse Chounard in the finals of the Hannah Games IQ event. Remainder of the top 8 were John Eardley, Peter Sauer, Paul Brown, Matt Ham, Mike Huett and Alan Thomas.

GPT Milwaukee, St. Charles, 4/20: Aaron Hauptmann defeated William Brandt in the finals to take the byes to GP Milwaukee. The rest of the top 8 included Jeff Flieg, Jesse Chounard, Jason Rak, Maury Boehmer, Robert Irons, and Erik Schwenke. 32 players took part in the event.

JSS Challenge, St. Charles, 4/20: Gerrod Heise defeated Jim Boncek to win "Magic for a Year". The rest of the Top 8 included Paul South, Dalton King, Alan Thomas, Nick Cantrell, Ian Suire, and Tommy Hickman. 26 players participated in the final JSS Challenge in the St. Louis area for the 2002 JSS Worlds. Nick Cantrell and Dalton King won the invites, as four of the Top 8 already had invites prior to this event.

Plains Regional, Lincoln, NE, 4/13: (Info from John Eardley): Eardley finished 7th at Lincoln, and Matt Ham took 22nd. Other St. Louis players participating were Aaron Hauptmann, Matt Schmaltz, Charlie Hanford Jr., and Mike Donovan. (Note from webmaster: Josh Smith and David Blankenship also participated at the Plains Regional.)

Midwest Regional, Chicago, IL, 4/13: Former St. Louisian Michael Dove won the regionals. Brian Lacitignola took 30th. Other players that participated included Cameron Heise, and Heather Meachum.

Congratulations to John Eardley for winning the Type 2 event on 4/6/02 at Comic City. Eardley becomes the St. Louis represenative in the "St. Louis vs. Kansas City" challenge, which will be held in Kansas City in late Summer 2002. He will play against Scott Lipp in a one-on-one matchup using Standard decks. More details to be posted very soon.

GPT Milwaukee, Comic City, 3/9: The players in the top 8 were John Eardley, Cameron Heise, Matt Ham, Roger Sharpe, Alan Thomas, David Yarber, Matt Schmaltz, and Aaron Schnapp. Full report will be posted at before Monday morning.

PTQ Nice, St. Charles, 3/2: Scott Lipp defeated Peter J Bergquist to win his second PTQ (his first in 18 months) of his career. The remainder of the top 8 included Ben Peli, David Saylor, Mike Donovan, Jason Potter, Michael Dove, and Daniel Bates. 78 players participated in this event.

JSS Challenge, St. Charles, 3/2: Ryan Price defeated Noah Garcia to win the $1000 scholarship and "Magic for a year". The remainder of the Top 8 included Roger Sharpe, Jim Boncek, John Glover, Jonathan MacKesson, Ryan Patrick, and Mike Rabenberg. Top youngster was Kevin Thomas. 31 players participated in the event. Boncek won one of the invitations because Garcia was previously invited.

JSS Challenge, Comic City, 2/16: Tommy Gaynor and Alan Thomas took the JSS Invites by finishing first and second, respectively. The rest of the top 8 from 3rd to 8th includes Jim Boncek, Andy Miller, Sean Hoesing, Tyler Koftan, Jonathan MacKesson, and Ryan Price. Top youngster went to Alex Glover and most sporting to Matt Kemper. 29 players particpated in this event.

PTQ Nice -- Lincoln, NE, 2/16: John Eardley and Mike Donovan made top 8 in this event.

PTQ Nice - Kansas City, 2/10: Matt Place won the event, according to Team Regime.

GPT Tampa, 2/9, Comic City: Matt Schmaltz defeated William Brandt to take the 3 round bye for GP Tampa. Players in the top 8 included Schmaltz, Brandt, Michael Booker, John Eardley, Michael Donovan, Ethan Foster, Matt Ham, and Jonathan MacKesson. More details are at Hannah's Games.

PTQ Osaka -- Chicago, 1/12/02: Corbin Schey finished in 7th place .

GPT Tampa -- LA, 1/11: Erich Seipel made top 8 in the event that featured 40 players.

1/12 Standard at Comic City: 12 players participated in this event. Jim Bonceck won the event, followed by Shane Meyer, John Glover, and Ryan Price. (Information from

1/5 Sealed Deck At Comic City: 21 players participated. William Brandt, Mike Keeline, Erich Seipel, and Andy Miller made the Top 4 in this event. (Information from

JSS Challenge Results (12:56 PM, 12/16) According to Peter Sauer, Gerrod Heise won the event. Jonathan MacKesson finished second, and Sauer took third. Other players in top 8 include Paul South, Brian Edgar, Mike Keeline, John Lawrence, and Mike Rabenberg. The most sporting player is Ryan Price, and the top youngster is Jonathan Booker.

Comic City Type 2 results (12:56 PM, 12/16): The top 4 included John Blanchard, Matt Ham, Michael Booker, and Maury Boehmer, first to fouth place respectively.

December 8 Sealed Deck at Comic City: The top 4 split the prize. Those players included William Brandt, Jeff Flieg, Harold Blackorby, and Mike Keeline. (Information from

PTQ Osaka Top 8 decklists from 12/1 at St. Charles

GPT Houston Top 8 decklists from 12/1 at St. Charles

MO State Championship Top 8 decklists from 11/10 at St. Charles

GPT Las Vegas Top 8 decklists from 11/10 at St. Charles