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Premiere Event Organizers
Moy Events. (Chicago/St. Louis)
Hannah's Games. (St. Louis)
The Legion. (Wisconsin/Minnesota).
Aussie Fox. (Kansas/OKC/North Texas)
Simply Magic. (Indiana)
Louisville Magic Tournament Scene (new url).
Fly By Nite Events. (Central Tennessee.)
Professional Events. (Detroit/Columbus/Pittsburgh)
Dream Wizards. (Washington, DC/Baltimore)
Gray Matter. (Northeast US)
Events Beyond Belief. (Grand Rapids site.)
Monastery Productions. (Southwest US)
Event Horizons. (South Texas/Louisiana)
Southeast Magic. (Atlanta)
Unity Events. (Florida)
Bailey's Collectibles. (North Carolina)
Future Quest. (Ontario)
Black Rose. (Utah)
Melodie Smith. (Northwest US/Northern Ontario)
Aztlan Promotions. (Southern California)

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Dizzy Dugout
Gathering Ground
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All American
DK Hobby
Medieval Starship
Main Street Games
First Level Games
The Gamers Den
Star Clipper
Legends Comics and Games
House of Games

Addresses of Stores in and near St. Louis

Click here! Last updated 7/13/02.

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Kansas City (from Team Regime)
Kentucky mailing list
San Diego
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MTG Hawaii.
Boston Gamers.
MTG in Alberta,
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Chicago Magic.


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Kansas City event coverage by Dan Perdue.

PTQ Houston, Normal: Mike Donovan finished 12th in a 58-player field. Perry Richardson and John Eardley also took part in this event.

PTQ Boston, 7/20, St. Charles Fantasy Shop: Results here. 33 teams participated, setting a new team ptq record in the St. Louis area!

GPT Cleveland, 7/13, Comic City: Stephen Scott defeated Scott Steward to win the event. The rest of the top 8 were Kevin Dulin, Alan Thomas, Joe Cruz, John Eardley, John Glover, and Matt Schmaltz.

GPT Boston, 6/20: Team consisting of Erich Sepiel, Jeff Flieg, and Maury Boehmer won the event, defeating the team of Justin Pearson, Charlie Hanford, and Nick Weber in the finals.

IQ Team Challenge, 6/13: Eards1 (John Eardley, Matt Ham, Mike Heffern) won the event and the invites to the Hannahs Games IQ Event in February. Full details are at

Event archives can be found here

Have results of events in St. Louis region (or area players making top 8 in out-of-town premiere events)? If the events are after November 1, 2001, please email the final standings to . These events don't have to be DCI Sanctioned, however, the events must have at least 8 players particpating.



News (8/3, 7:28 PM): The $300 OBC Cash Event at Comic City has been postponed to September 21 due to a last minute conflict of schedule. The head judge had to go out of town this weekend. Gathering Ground will be closed from Aug 5 through Aug 11 due to Gen Con -- the owners are running a table at that event.

Team PTQ Event a big success!: The last year record for number of teams in a ptq in the St. Louis area was shattered by 2 teams! 33 teams took part. In the end, Blue Springs-based Manchowder defeated St. Louis-based Piggly Wiggly in a very close final that did not end before 1 AM! Team results are here.

Press release (11:30 PM, 7/17): After some time of thinking, we are looking to move this site to a new webpage provider. While Angelfire has been providing excellent service, this page is outgrowing the 25 MB limit that Angelfire imposes and the decision has been made to look for another provider. Players are welcome to provide public input at until August 16 at midnight. A final decision will be made by September 1.

BREAKING NEWS. The time of the PTQ Boston at St. Charles Fantasy Shop has been changed due to an unknown scheduling conflict. REGISTRATION BEGINS AT 11 AM, EVENT BEGINS AT NOON. Please be prompt for this event -- there is a possibility that there could be at least 35 teams at the event.

Hannahs Games DeckReg Sheet. The file is here and will be the version used at further REL 2 Hannahs Games constructed events.

More PTQ's added. Most of the suggested qualifiers have been posted. Some of the events are lacking additional details, so please contact the event organizer in advance if nothing is posted a week prior to the event.

Very good article for all players to read: While this article is meant for all players to read, it is really aimed at rookie (and very unexperienced) players that are planning on playing in PTQ's in the next few months. This article is dubbed the "REL 3+ Survival Guide" and the author wants to get to the point.

Happy Independence Day: In the celebration of the 4th of July Holiday, no events are scheduled on July 3 and 4th. Enjoy your BBQ and time at Origins, and we will see most of you on July 13 and 20.

Last chance qualifiers added to the Pro Tour: Read all about it in this article in the sideboard.

You can use shorter url again: I have it set up where you can use as the url again. However, the link takes you to a temporary "enter" page at the present time until I can get it to link to the actual page.

Slashdot Humor Poll: Click here to vote on your favorite dice. This poll is for entertainment only.

A little trip down memory lane . Remember GP St. Louis? This is a humor poll over various pictures. You can submit your own pics, but don't link it from Angelfire, Tripod, or Geocities b/c they block linked images.

Region website flyer (11:23 PM, 1/2) . With some spare time tonight, I created a new region website flyer where players can download and pass it out to their friends. You may download it here .

misers have visited since 1/2/02.

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Calendar of Events

View the online calendar

Weekly Events

  • Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30 PM, St. Charles Fantasy Shop: Arena League. Formats vary and run in 4-week cycles. For more details, contact Mark Finefield on league nights or Scott Bluemkamp at 636/947-8330.
  • Fridays, 6:30 PM, St. Charles Fantasy Shop: Weekly Booster Draft, DCI Sanctioned. $10-$13 entry fee.
  • Fridays, Dragon King: Friday Night Magic
  • Certain Saturdays when no major event scheduled, Comic City, 12 PM: "AMA Tour". Formats and entry fee vary. Points rewarded for high finishes, and count towards standings.
  • Every other Saturday, Noon, Medieval Starship: Magic: The Gathering events run by Jeff Harris. Formats and entry fee varies. Jeff also runs weekly events on Monday nights from 6 PM to 9 PM.

    Premiere Events. Last updated 8/7/02.

    PTQ Houston Format: Odyssey Block Constructed

    August 17 (NEW DATE) and September 21, Chicago: PTQ Houston

    Held at Pastimes in Niles, IL. PREMIERE REGISTRATION is in effect for both events, which means to get there before 9:30 AM or pay a $5.00 penalty and be inelgible for door prizes.

    Registration begins at 9 AM, first round pairings will be posted at 10 AM. Prizes will be Pro Tour invite for 1st place and product for Top 8. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUG 10 EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO AUG 17 DUE TO AN PTQ IN MILWAUKEE ON AUG 9 AND 10!

    August 9 and 10, Milwaukee: PTQ Houston

    At Gen Con. Go here for details.

    August 10, Louisville: PTQ Houston

    At Executive West Hotel, 830 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY. The phone number is 502-367-2251. Details here.

    UPDATE: The hotel will not allow food/drink in event room -- players caught will be ejected. please check the website for event times. Louisville is in the eastern time zone, so please keep it in mind!

    August 17, Oklahoma City: PTQ Houston

    Location and times TBA. Check Aussie Fox for the entire details.

    August 24, St. Charles Fantasy Shop: PTQ Houston

    Doors open at 9 AM, event begins at 10 AM. Entry fee is $20. Please be prompt during registration.

    August 31, Madison, WI: PTQ Houston

    At Misty Mountain Games. Registration at 11:30 AM; first round pairings go up at Noon!

    August 31, Indianapolis: PTQ Houston

    Odyssey Block Constructed format. Check Simply MTG for further details.

    September 1, Kansas City: PTQ Houston

    Contact Lloyd Dotson for the details, which are TBA, or go by and check their message board for the full scoop. It will be held at Holiday Inn--Olathe.

    September 7, Omaha: PTQ Houston

    Contact Merlin Hayes at 402/434-5056. Details TBA

    September 14, Grand Rapids: PTQ Houston

    To be held at Lexington Hotel Suites, 5401 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI. Doors open at 9 AM EST and event begins at 10 AM EST. Entry fee is $20. For further details, contact Glenn Cannon at 616/308-5331.

    September 14, Tulsa: PTQ Houston

    Check Aussie Fox for further details. Will be held at Wizards Asylum.

    Sept. 21: Odyssey Block Constructed Cash Event, Comic City

    Check Hannahs Games for the details. Over $300 in cash prizes will be handed out to players.

    September 28-29, 2002: Onslaught Prerelease

    Will be held at Fantasy Shop - St. Charles. Doors open at 12:01 AM on Sept. 28 and event will not stop until 11:59 pm on Sept. 29 or all product runs out. 8-player side event drafts are $15. The main flights at midnight and 9 am will be $25 and the others will be $20. The more flights you play, the more you will save. Keep it tuned for more details!

    Fall 2002: PTQ Chicago: Sealed Deck/Rochester Draft using Onslaught.

    October 19, Louisville: PTQ Chicago

    check event website for more details.

    At Executive West Hotel, 830 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY.

    October 19, 2002: St. Louis Community Championship (this is also GPT for Philly)

    Open to all players, using Onslaught Sealed deck and Top 8 Rochester draft. Entry fee is $20 and it will be held at Comic City.

    TBA, Nov. 2, 2002: State Championship

    Locations for Missouri and Illinois to be announced later this summer. Format is Standard.