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Good Luck to Piggly Wiggly: Piggly Wiggly (Matt Ham, Mike Heffern, John Eardley) is in Boston right now for the Pro Tour (via a ratings appeal) -- JP. Replies in the rules part of the message board will be slow because Scott Elliott is in Boston as well. Sideboard coverage will begin tomorrow morning. Update: this team went 2-3 drop. The team that beat them at the PTQ (A to Z Comics) finished second to last place.

Off topic, but check out 9/22 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Read the Metro section, and find out something about my other website -- KH.

New email to be up shortly: due to the fact i'm losing cable modem for 2-3 months there will be a new email address coming very shortly, probably in the next 48 hours. For now, if there is any thing you need, go ahead and paste it in my U2U on the message board (zelda78)

GP Cleveland Update: Matt Schmaltz finished 17th playing R/W and getting the award "highest placing player playing red". Mike Dove had a chance to make Top 8, but lost to Indianapolis resident Valentin Moskowich, who went on to win the event. Dove finished 12th in the event. Both players had 10-3-1 records in an event that had 606 players. The rest of the St. Louis contingent did not fare as well, however. John Eardley got 279th and Erich Seipel got 359th. Kansas City residents Daniel Bates and Kathy Nemati, and Louisville residents Jarod Burt and Ben Stoll also took part but all failed to make Day 2. Click here for GP Cleveland Coverage.

Morphing explained: all the details about morphing is here.

Mike Dove's 8/24 event report: Read the report from the player that finished 2nd in the PTQ on 8/24 at St. Charles. Mike has put a few bonus events on this report too, which is on Brainburst.

Save gaming in Greece: This link is sorta off-topic, but the lameos in the Greek Parliament passed a very lame law that bans gaming. You cannot even bring Game Boys into Greece without paying dearly for it. Check out this link for the full scoot.

Adam Doyle PTQ report: Adam wrote his 8/24 PTQ report at Star City.

No changes to banned/restricted list: No changes will be done to the DCI banned/restricted lists.

Spanky wins PTQ Houston in Kansas City: Scott "Spanky" Lipp from Kansas City (now attending school in Rolla) followed up his Top 8 performace at Whitcha with this PTQ win. View players comments.

Clone back in Onslaught: The image of Clone is in this Japanese magazine. Someone provided a scan of the article online for all to see.

Former Kansas City resident Dan Clegg banned from the DCI for 1 year: Clegg, now residing in San Francisco, was banned for multiple warnings for procedural errors and slow play, for a period of one year. Discuss it here. KK from Misetings has dubbed Clegg "Good Man of the Week".

Scott Elliott gets sponsorship to judge PT Boston: Congratulations goes out to Scott. Keep up that hard work. Glenn Cannon also got sponsorship to PT Boston -- good luck to both.

News from KC: Team Regime site gets new design, new forum: Nick Knight has "redesigned" There is a new message board for Kansas City magic, due to closing. For more OBC tech, ManaScrew has a few decks from Kansas City events.

HTML Documents of the 2002-2003 DCI Rules: Thanks to Rune Horvik, there are HTML versions of the new rules up. View them here.

John Eardley wins PTQ Houston: Eardley followed up a second place performance last month to win his first invite to the Pro Tour by winning the PTQ Houston event at St. Charles. Second place was Michael Dove of Chicago. Read message board about the results.

Partial Onslaught Spoiler Started: MTGNews has started a partial spoiler for Onslaught. Read the partial spoiler here.

MTG Invitational Ballot Up: Sideboard has posted the MTG Invitational Ballot yesterday. Players must have a valid DCI number, and may vote up to 16 players. Vote Here!

Events on Sept. 11: The decision to have events on the 1-year anniversary of the September 11 tragedy is up to the individual event organizer. We will support any decision that the organizers make.

Team PTQ Event a big success!: The last year record for number of teams in a ptq in the St. Louis area was shattered by 2 teams! 33 teams took part. In the end, Blue Springs-based Manchowder defeated St. Louis-based Piggly Wiggly in a very close final that did not end before 1 AM! Team results are here.

Press release (11:30 PM, 7/17): After some time of thinking, we are looking to move this site to a new webpage provider. While Angelfire has been providing excellent service, this page is outgrowing the 25 MB limit that Angelfire imposes and the decision has been made to look for another provider. Players are welcome to provide public input at until August 16 at midnight. A final decision will be made by September 1.

Hannahs Games DeckReg Sheet. The file is here and will be the version used at further REL 2 Hannahs Games constructed events.

More PTQ's added. Most of the suggested qualifiers have been posted. Some of the events are lacking additional details, so please contact the event organizer in advance if nothing is posted a week prior to the event.

Very good article for all players to read: While this article is meant for all players to read, it is really aimed at rookie (and very unexperienced) players that are planning on playing in PTQ's in the next few months. This article is dubbed the "REL 3+ Survival Guide" and the author wants to get to the point.

Last chance qualifiers added to the Pro Tour: Read all about it in this article in the sideboard.

Ryan Price finishes 12th in JSS Championships : Ryan Price lost 2-1 in Round 9 of the JSS Championship, ending his chance at Top 8. However, he finished in 12th place with a 7-2 record and took home $1500 in scholarship money. He was given feature match coverage during one of the rounds, but nothing has been posted on Sideboard except for this photo . Jim Bonceck and Gerrod Heise also participated in the event.

National Championship Results : John Eardley had an chance to finish in the Top 16 and win some money in a round 12 match, but lost and finished 44th. Four players from the western part of Missouri and 2 former St. Louisians also played in this event. Full coverage is here .

Judgment Prerelease Results (11:30, 5/21): The full results will be posted in the next few days. Over 250 players participated in the weekend's events.

Extended format changes: Check out the news here . The changes will take effect the day Onslaught becomes legal in Constructed events on Nov. 1.

Team T-Shirt Info (11:39, 5/21) : If there are any team looking at making t-shirts for the upcoming Team PTQ season, please contact Scott Elliot for the details.

Force of Will: Connections. Written by Will Rieffer and posted at Star City on 5/21.

Judgment FAQ: The Judgment Prerelease FAQ is listed here .

Post Milwaukee recap: 6 players from the St. Louis area played in GP Milwaukee. 652 players took part in this event, making it the largest North American Grand Prix to take place. Mike Donovan was the highest placing St. Louisian, taking 106th. He had a shot for Day 2, but took 2 unintentional draws in the last two rounds that knocked him out of contention. Aaron Hauptmann finished 195th, Matt Schmaltz took 210th, Justin Pearson got 234th, Kim Harvey got 340th, and John Eardley got 347th. This event was also attended by a contingent of players from Kansas City and Springfield, MO. The final standings is posted here . The night before during the GP Trial, Pearson missed out of the top 8 on tiebreakers, finishing 11th. Harvey also took part in the event, going 1-2 before dropping out. 165 players took part in that trial, which ended at 4:30 AM.

Judgment Street Date: Due to the fact Judgment is due to be released on Memorial Day (which is a holiday and most gaming stores are closed), players can pick up Judgment starting on May 28.

Articles (4:44 PM, 5/9): Two articles were posted May 7th on Star City:

  • Force of Will: Why Threshold is the Weakest Link by Will Rieffer
  • Hell Teacher Nuube by Aaron Hauptmann. This is a dual tourney report between GPT Milwaukee on 4/20 and $300 IQ on May 4 -- which Hauptmann won both of them.

    Some changes: I moved most of the links to another page , as the links were getting long. The only links on this page are the most important links. More big events, including a $1000 cash tourney held in late June in Louisville and a $300 cash event at Comic City next weekend is posted.

    Internet articles recently posted by locals:

  • Passing Judgment: The Wishes by Kim Harvey posted at Cardshark on 4/23.
  • A League of your Own by Will Rieffer posted at Star City on 4/26.
  • Magic Online and Regionals by Michael Dove posted at on 4/26.

    A little (somewhat off-topic but very important) announcement: If you go through North St. Louis County on 270 -- especially to play Magic events in St. Charles, Hazelwood, and/or at the Gathering Ground, there is some major construction-related changes you really need to know about. Starting on April 22, weather permitting, the 270-170 interchange, and the ramp from Dunn (just west of Hanley/Graham) to WB 270 will close for construction. The NB 170 to EB 270 exchange will be closed for one month; the rest will remain closed until late 2003. The full details is posted here.

    Ultra-pro gold/silver sleeve update (5:03 PM, 4/17): Though no official announcement has been announced by the DCI, there issome very good talk on the DCI Judge List Archives. The sleeves that will be affected are the Ultra-Pro Metallic Gold/Silver Sleeves. Until the DCI makes any formal announcement, it is still up to the stores and individual tourney organizers in the St. Louis region to make such decisions.

    More regional wrapup (4:55 PM, 4/17): Arun Sharma posted to Brainburst that he top 8ed the Northern California Regionals . John Eardley qualified for nationals for the second year in a row by taking 7th place at Lincoln. The regional decklists are at the Sideboard.

    Post regionals wrapup (10:48 pm, 4/15): The fallout from regionals is unwinding. Josh Olson from Kansas City and David Saylor from Springfield, MO both made the top 8 at the Plains Regional in Lincoln. Former St. Louisian Mike Dove won the Midwest Regionals in Chicago. Rating-based invites will be handed out on the 17th to the top 75 uninvited players in the United States using the DCI Composite ratings. Barring the unexpected, Kansas City resident Matt Place should receive one of the rating based invites. (Please stay tuned Wednesday night when the official invites go out.) The Judgment spoilers are out here. Tons of links and events have been added for your convenience.

    Notes from Kim (3:35 pm, 4/10): I will be away from computer for the next few weeks. I have to go out of town this weekend and next, and on top of that, I have two senior projects, final exams, and graduation to look ahead to. My graduation from SIUE is May 4 at 1 PM at Valdabene Center gym. However, I am looking forward to GP Milwaukee which is held the weekend after my graduation.

    April 27 will be the last Magic: The Gathering event held at the current location of Dizzy Dugout. There will be open drafting and other events to keep all the players sated. The primary goal is to draft as many packs of magic as possible. Drafting begins at 12:30 PM and will end only when everyone is sick and tired of doing it or the magic supplies run out.

    Two metro east stores moving to new locations (9:30 AM, 3/11): In the next two months, 2 metro east gaming stores will move to new locations. In early April, Kyles will move to Crossroads Shopping Center in Granite City off Route 203, next to Radio Shack and MO Payday Loan. On May 4, Dizzy Dugout will move one block from their present location in downtown Collinsville to a location on 121 East Main Street. Both stores are conducting moving sales at the present time.

    Various Internet articles by local writers (9:15 AM, 3/11): Below are links to various articles posted on internet sites by local writers in the recent weeks:

  • GPT Trial "Kefkageddon" Report by Kim Harvey. Article posted 3/10 at Cardshark.
  • Force of Will: Blue in the Twenty-First Century by Will Rieffer. Article posted 3/8 at Star City.

    New t-shirt logo chosen, orders now being taken: The "Spirits of St. Louis Magic" logo design won the voting contest on 3/2. You may order the new t-shirt here. It costs $15 for S-XL and $18 for XXL and XXXL. Shipping details is posted here. We will have a few shirts available on 3/30 at St. Charles Fantasy Shop but only in limited quanities.

    Saturday evening updates: Kansas City has won the coin flip and chose to host the "St. Louis vs. Kansas City" challenge. The event will be held during the first PTQ of the summer season in Kansas City (either in June or July). The format will be Standard. Results of the JSS and PTQ events will be posted in the lower left part of this page under "results".

    Matt Schmaltz advances to day 2 at GP Tampa (8:16 pm, 2/23): Schmaltz is at 58th at the conclusion of day 1. He defeated Joshua Claytor 2-1 in Round 7 for the right to play in Day 2. Kansas City resident Dan Clegg also made day 2. GP Tampa Coverage is located here.

    More events added (3:40 PM, 2/23): Look to your right under "events".

    It was the best of times, It was the worst of times: My take on Magic Online by Will Rieffer posted on 2/22/02 on

    Weekly events now posted on main page (11:47 PM, 2/19): Due to popular request, weekly events is now posted to the main page. St. Louis area stores running weekly Magic events that is not listed should send an email to

    Post Torment Miracle Grow (11:40 PM, 2/19): Article written by Kim Harvey and posted on CardShark. Expect a followup including an upgraded version of this deck coming soon. (I give mad props to Chedy and TheFerret for pasting the link from Brainburst and Star City, respectively -- KH)

    New Logo Up (10:57 PM, 2/13): Thanks to Nick Knight, the new logo has been pasted up.  Alternate logos can be found here .

    TORMENT PRERELEASE FAQ RELEASED (4:28 PM, 1/22): Read the Torment FAQ . Patches for apprentice and netdraft is at E-League .

    Miracle Grow in Standard (Pre Torment) by Kim Harvey. Read the article at Cardshark .

    DCI hands out more "vacations" (9:29 AM, 1/29): Late Monday afternoon, the DCI handed out suspensions of 6 months to Bob Maher, Jr., 1 year for Ryan Fuller, and 5 years for Jason Moungley and Chad Butterfield. Fuller's suspension was long overdue, and the other three got banned over a series of shady practices at C&C's in Madison back in 1998 .

    Force of Will: The Evolution of Guitars by Will Rieffer: Article is at Star City , and printed on 1/28.

    Grudge Match Championship Formats (2:05 PM, 1/25): There is a slight change in format. The first three rounds will do Odyssey/Torment Booster Draft, and Rounds 4 to 6 and the Top 8 will do Standard. This change is needed due to the fact the 2002 Nationals draft format is Booster, not Rochester. The booster draft will be done using 2 packs of Odyssey and 1 pack of Torment. Preregistration information should be out on the week of February 25.

    Midwest Regional Location (4:00 PM, 1/23): The Midwest Regional will be in Chicago at Pastimes in Niles, IL on April 13.

    Writer War Contest begins this week at (8:35 PM, 1/20): The list of writers is listed here . There are four writers that we recommend for you to vote for: Will Rieffer, Mike Mason, Adrian Sullivan, and David Price. The first two people listed are from the region, and the other two have participated in various events in St. Louis in the past few years.

    Tormet Spoiler (10:24 PM, 1/19) : Click here to see the spoiler of Tormet . (Link provided by Justin Pearson).

    2001 MO State Championship Pictures posted (10:20 PM, 1/19): They have been posted at Team Regime's website .

    Wizards Announces Magic Online Redemption Policy (2:44 PM, 1/14): Details are in this Press Release .

    GP Milwaukee Details (7:05 PM, 1/13) . Details about GP Milwaukee is posted here . I have included a more reliable set of directions as Yahoo! Driving Directionsfrom St. Louis to Milwaukee puts you through Chicago and I know a much better route than that. Once you get on Southbound I-94 in Milwaukee from I-43 (actually 94 is signed east-west but goes north-south in that part of Milwaukee), there are two ways to get there and I have both methods posted. The GP Milwaukee stuff has been moved to another page by request. The preregistration details are now up and linked from the page .

    PT San Diego Results (4:07 pm, 1/13) . Most fantasy PT players are probably disappointed with the results of this one, but we're not the only ones. John Blanchard, Mike Donovan, and former local player Ped Bun participated in PT San Diego over the weekend. None of them made it to day 2, as Blanchard and Bun had 3-4 records and Donovan went 1-4. Additional PT San Diego coverage is located here .

    Force of Will: Anxiety About Extended (posted 1/2) by Will Rieffer. Read the article at StarCityGames.Com.

    Awards announced (7:22 pm, 12/29) Here are the winners of the various awards:

    Rookie of the Year: Justin Pearson
    Junior Player of the Year: Peter Sauer
    Most Improved Player: Will Rieffer
    Player of the Year: 1st: Justin Pearson; 2nd: Matt Idoux; 3rd: Peter Sauer
    Store of the Year, Players Choice: St. Charles Fantasy Shop
    Store of the Year, overall: 1st: Dizzy Dugout; 2nd: St. Charles Fantasy Shop; 3rd: Comic City

    Congratuations to the winners

    JSS Challenge Report (12:10 PM, 12/18) by Peter Sauer. Read the report at .

    Huffman, Seyfert Sentenced (8:10 AM, 12/17): Former St. Charles area Magic Players Heather Huffman and Ken Seyfert have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for assault that occured back in June. For more details, read today's St. Charles Post edition of St. Louis Post-Dispatch .

    Fact or Fiction restricted in Type 1 (3:23 pm, 12/4) . The DCI has restricted Fact or Fiction for Type 1 and banned it in Type 1.5 . The restriction is effective on January 1.

    Matt Ham wins PTQ Osaka; Kathy Nemati wins GPT Houston (12:31 am, 12/2). Ham defeated Aaron Jackson 2-1 to take the invite to Osaka. Nemati defeated Brian Lacitignola 2-0 to win the 3 byes to GP Houston. More details including decklists to be posted sometime Sunday night.

    New Region Email (8:45 pm, 11/27):   Due to the Charter buyout of @Home, the region email will change to effective at 6 AM CST on November 28.  Please update your email address books with this change.

    On the web by local players (8:55, 11/27).  Sorry for the late additions.

    MO State Championship Report by Peter Sauer.  From

    GPT Las Vegas in St. Charles by Kim Harvey .  From

    Force Of Will: The Not-Quite Metagame Clock by Will Rieffer .  From Star City.

    PTQ San Diego - KC Report by Aaron Hauptman.   From Star City.

    GPT Las Vegas in St. Charles by Aaron Hauptman .  From Star City.

    Paul South Wins Missouri State Championships (11:03 PM, 11/10).  The winning decklists can be found on Glenn Cannon's website.  Other commentary is on the bulletin board on Team Regime . The GPT Trial Top 8 decklists are also up for view .

    Zombie Tech (11/8) By Kim Harvey and Gregg Davidson from Cutting Edge Cards.

    Force of Will -- Decks for States (11/7) By Will Rieffer at Star City.