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2002 Player of the Year Ballott

The 2002 player of the year ballott will have 16 players.  3 will have automatic invites -- the defending champion, the invitational champion, and the winner of the community championship.  10 players will gain invites on November 1, 2002 via a formula which is 25% DCI Composite Ranking as of the October 30 rating runs, 70% in all DCI-Sanctioned events (premiere, side events, weekly events, you get the picture) from Nov. 1, 2001 through Oct. 31, 2002, and 5% sportsmanship (everyone automatically gets 100% to start -- this ranking can go down due to DQ's, unsporting conduct penalties, and episodes of "rules lawerying" while playing).  Three players will receive invites through random drawing out of a pool of elgible players that were previously uninvited.

The 70% criteria is calculated as (Number of Premiere Events + Number of Non-Premiere Events + Number of Top 8 in individual Premiere Events - Avg. Placing in Individual Premiere events) * .70. The Avg. Placing in Individual Premiere events is the Sum of Event Result / Number of Premiere Events. For example, John Doe plays 6 premiere events and finishes 4, 34, 94, 23, 11, and 5. The sum of the event finishes is 171 (4 + 34 + 94 + 23 + 11 + 5), and the average placing is 171/6, or 28.500. (Obviously, the lower the Avg. Placing, the better.) Participating in team premiere events count towards the number of premiere events.

To be elgible via the formula or random drawing, the person must have competed at least 5 premiere events between Nov. 1, 2001 and Oct. 31, 2002; or taken place in a combination of 15 weekly events, premiere events, or side events during the same time frame.  Premiere events include any prerelease flight, grand prix trial, pro tour qualifier, high-level event run by the dci (including pro tour, grand prix, and nationals), or any non-wotc special event that has a minimum of 32 players (i.e. IQ Series Challenges, or $1000 cash events run by another organizer -- even in another town).

All players must be residing or attending school full-time in the St. Louis region prior to September 1, 2002 to be elgible for the Player of the Year contest. In addition, Rookie players must have played their first DCI Sanctioned event prior to September 1, 2002 to be considered elgible for any awards for 2002.

This list will be published after midnight on November 1, 2002.  At this time, players may make appeals only on the elgibility of the player or the published score.  Deadline for appeals is midnight, November 10. The tiebreaker policy for top 10 is: (1): Sportsmanship rating, (2): Number of individual premiere top 8 between Nov. 1, 2001 and Oct. 31, 2002, (3): Number of overall events between Nov. 1, 2001 and Oct. 31, 2002, (4): Coin Flip.

Once all appeals have been heard (within 5 days of filing), the final list will be published on November 16, 2002.  This will be a bracket-style list.  The voting will begin on Nov. 17 at midnight for the first round.  The first round concludes on November 20 at midnight.  The quarterfinals will begin on Nov. 22 at midnight and conlcude on Nov. 25 at midnight.  The semifinals will begin on Nov. 28 at midnight and conclude on Dec. 1.  The finals will begin on Dec. 3 and conclude on Dec. 6.

The winner of the event will be announced to the public during the final major MTG event in St. Louis of 2002 or the first event of 2003, whichever comes first.

The ballots will be secret and will be tracked.  All players may vote only once.  The voting is open to the public.

In case of ties, this tiebreaker procedure will be used in all rounds except the final round:

In the case of a tie in the final round, the two players must play head-to-head in a best of three unsanctioned match using Standard decks.  This match will take place during the final major event of 2002 in the St. Louis area.  The winner of this match will be crowned the 2002 Player of the Year.

Current Invite List
Justin Pearson (defending champion)
John Eardley
John Blanchard*

The 13 at-large players (the top 10 in the weighted score plus 3 random players that have met eligibility criteria) have been . After all appeals have been heard, the final list and the bracket will be posted on November 17.

The winner will receive a trophy, and a $100 gift certificate to a St. Louis gaming store of their choice.  In addition, the winner will get to defend their championship in 2003!!. The runner-up will receive a $50 gift certificate to a St. Louis gaming store of their choice. The semifinalists will receive a stipend to one premiere event for 2003.

* -- actually the runner-up in the 2002 St. Louis Community Championship; the champion played his first event well after the September 1, 2002 rookie cutoff and thus is not elgible for awards until 2003.