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mY weBloG

April 25, 2003

Yesssssss,............ well, today is Friday.... which is a good thing. Its the start of the weekend.

Hmmm..... during the weekend.... I HAVE to make-up or finish up 3 labs for Bio.... not too many. And after I do those three I'll be all caught up with my labs. Man, now that I think about it.... this school year has been going by pretty quick.

I also plan on working on my Four-year project. I actually have to do some work on that. Although, I really do wanna play basketball. The weather has been getting much better lately... (and I hope it stays that way)

But for now..... gotta continue downloading some Inuyasha episodes..... soooo bai bai for now



April 18, 2003

Well, now I know that I'm probably having the worst spring vacation. All because I've wasted my time doing nothing. And to top it all off, I am now sick. I have colds, my temperature is a bit over normal and my throat hurts.

Oh boy, what to do now...... Its already Friday and I haven't done any homework yet... I'm so lazy and I can't help it. (Boy this entry doesn't sound too good.)

On the positive side..... ummmm..... I don't think there is a positive side.

Time to drink lotsa orange juice.. *hachoooooooo*



April 17, 2003

Wow, its aleady Thursday....... and guess what... I haven't done any of my homework that was supposed to be done during the spring break. I'm soooo lazy. I'll do it though. When I stop being lazy that is.

Instead of doing homework and the such I've been watching some anime, got caught up with Inuyasha, and saw some of the better episodes from Cowboy Bebop. I've also been playing alot of basketball. (I'm lazy to do homework but I have just enough energy to play basketball, yea something IS wrong with me.)

Only a couple of more days left in this vacation......... and I gotta do some work.



April 11, 2003

Finally, Spring break


Hmm..... A whole week of work, rest, and play. I need lots of rest and I need to do alot of work. I've been sooo tired after that daylight savings time. After we had to go forward an hour I could hardly stay awake in class. Web Design class has finally been paying off. I could finally make my own graphics, although I probably would've found out on my own playing around with Photoshop.

Oh well..... time to watch Rurouni Kenshin



April 4, 2003

Yay!!! Today is Friday....
I have some homework to do. Ok, well today was same ol' same ol.' I'm just trying to get past this week and next week. Cuz after that is... Spring break, woohooo. Right now, I'm kinda bored, reading video game reviews from IGN. The weather outside is pretty bad, which means no basketball playing for me. v__v

Lately, I've been playing alot of zbattle. Its this program that allows you to play snes online. And it can get pretty competetive there. Oh, and I play Gundam Wing Endless Duel. ehhh, I guess I'm alright at that game.

hmm........... I guess thats all for now,... soooo,... bai bai



March 28, 2003

Well, I've been playing around with Macromedia Flash MX lately and I seem to be getting the hang of things. Well, except for a few mistakes here and there, but no biggie.

As for school, the third marking period is now over. (I cant wait till spring vacation arrives...) I hope to do my best this marking period. I'll try........... I mean, I will stary commited to working on a good grade for this final marking period. yup yup,...... I hope...

Hmm....... for the weekend, I plan on at least playing basketball on Saturday or Sunday, whichever. I also plan to do and finish my homework. (*note to self* I must not fall behind, again.)

Thats all folks, until next time,... bai bai



March 25, 2003

Geez,..... last night I only got a few hours of sleep. I'm pretty tired right now. I couldn't really pay attention in class real well today. Maybe next time I should plan to go to sleep earlier. v__v

During the weekend, I played a lot and I mean 3 hours worth of practicing my game in basketball. I can tell my jump-shot has improved from last year. Except for my crossover, my dribble got worse. v__v

My math teacher gave me alot of homework today. Thats not cool, but, to pass, I must do it. Web Design class... err, I have to redo a website using only flash. I gotta get started on that, too. (Oh man, another website to create graphics for.)

Probably the only positive thing that has happened is that I just changed my current desktop. It looks coooool.

Ok well, I gotta get started on some homework.



March 20, 2003

Today, was yet another day at school. Boring, as usual. Well basically this was my day:

-1st period: Math, this was prob. the best class out of the whole day, I actually had to think.

-2nd period: Spanish, oh mannnn....... This was booooring, I almost fell asleep like some other people in my class.

-3rd period: Web Design, this class wasnt actually THAT boring, but it was the same as Tuesdays

-4th period: lunch, what can is say, lunch is lunch, you eat then you head to your next class

-5th period: English, I dunno I was just bored with it today. Maybe its cuz I have a test in english tomorrow, about *gasp* Fahrenheit 451. I hope it wont be that baaad.

Well, that was pretty much my whole day. No basketball today cuz its raining outside. V__V It really sux when it rains and I cant play. Oh well.......... hmm, I gotta do some homework now soo, bai bai (-__-)/


March 19, 2004

endless rants here i come, woohoooooo

Hehe, I likey this layout. Oh I'd like to give credit to Ere Serene for it, too. ^__^

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