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Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves


07/31/05 Aboot 8:30 pm

A crappy update, but Henry wanted it, so it works.

07/24/05 Aboot 2:00 am

Some article I wrote the other night...internet crapped out then...but its up now

07/19/05 Aboot 11:30 pm

New rant/rave about assholes at seemed like quality when I was writing it.

07/19/05 Aboot 12:40 pm

Something about Die Hard. Its kind of short and shitty...but then again, so is your face.

07/18/05 Aboot 11:30 pm

The first rant/rave! Read it, now.

07/18/05 Aboot 10:15 pm

Well, crap, you fuckers thought you got rid of me. You thought, "Shit, Sam closed down, Rants and Raves is never coming back!" Well, guess what, assholes? I'M BACK! And this time, I'm not just pissed...well, yeah, actually, thats pretty much it. I still hate everything and everyone, God damn it. Oh, and did you see that warning? And is each and every one of you fuckers going to live by it? You are? Good. Oh, and e-mail me here if you want ins on the fan club. Thanks.


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