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Rants And Raves


Beyond this point, there is no turning back. This is the warning part of Rants and Raves. A major problem with the last Rants and Raves is that everyone and their grandmother complained about it..."WHY R THER SO MANYYY SWARES LOL!!!1!!!" was common, and also the "U R SO MEAN!" and "R U GON COMMIT SUICIDE!", etc., etc., etc.

By clicking "TAKE ME NOW!", you are agreeing to the following:

1. No complaining about swearing. None at all.

2. No complaining about how harsh I am.

3. No complaining about subject matter.

4. Realizing that I am not going to kill myself and that I do not condone any form of suicide.

5. And that you will act like AN INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING.

So, please, once you click "TAKE ME NOW!", don't come up to me in the real world and say anything negative about my site...because, heck, you chose to go in it, right?


You've become this for leaving