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Die Hard is Amazing

On the old site, I wrote about Die Hard and how amazing it is. Let me tell you, I'm pretty sure it became more true. I saw Sin City, and the whole time, I was waiting for "YIPPEE KAY-YAY, MOTHER FUCKER!" to be screamed out.

Even though it never happened, I came to the conclusion that, second to me, the Die Hard series was the greatest thing ever to be created.

1st piece of Evidence: First movie, McClain is underneath a table, terrorist is on top, McClain is all like "BOOM BOOM!", kills the bitch, and then throws him out the window onto a cop car.

2nd piece: Samuel L. Jackson is the biggest badass.

Zeus (His character): Hell no mother fuckers fuck this mother fucking shit fucking terrorist fuck!

Terrorists: ...

*John McClain comes in and kills everyone in the room*

Yeah, that happened. And, yes, it was incredible.

You done yet?