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I hate my PC.

Oh my fucking God.

People always bitch about their computers. You always here assholes saying shit like "MY PC CAN ONLY UZE TOO GIGS OF THE 3 IT HAZ FOR IT LOL!!1!!!", and they always act like their computer absolutely blows. They think that when their program starts up in less than a second that its going too slow.

Everyone, you do not know "slow" until you go on my computer. Let me give you the specs:

-63 mb of ram

-A wooden processor

-A steam engine for energy

-A little man who turns the crank inside to make shit happen

Swear to fucking God, thats the way shit is. Honestly, I can't have more than 3 orr 4 programs open without it going backwards. Its the most frustrating machine on the fucking earth.

One time, I started up the fucker, and, while exiting out of the useless program known as "MSN Messenger", I GOT THE FUCKING BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! Right then, I almost executed my computer. I gave it a cigarette, a bandana, and even let it say its last words.

That brings me to something else: What happened to America's back bone? Why is it that whenever I say I'm going to execute someone that people who don't know me give me a funny look? ARE THEY ASKING FOR IT? Do they want the sarcasm to end? People need to chill the fuck out (and that means a lot coming from me), sit back, and shut the fuck up.

I went off on a tangent...but, hey, first article, so fuck you.

You done yet?