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Sassy & Pebbles
(with...Lady & Ginger waiting at the bridge)

Judy Young

1985 - September 7, 1999
In late 1987 I lost 2 of my 3 furkids close together and was not in a place to look for another dog, but the dog I had left was so lonely I bit the bullet and went looking in January 1988.

I went to a shelter right outside Cincinnati and saw this black and white little girl just laying in her bed in the cage. I asked about her and they told me she and her sister and brother had all been brought to the shelter together, but someone came an adopted her brother and sister and left Lady behind. Then a man adopted Lady but his wife would not let her up in the house. Lady stayed in a box in the basement for 9 months and then was returned to the shelter. They told me she had been brought back a second time because she was so afraid of everything and everyone that she would just roll over and wet herself.

I took Lady out of the cage for a walk and up came the tail and the "I'm happy walk". Of course I took her. When I got home Sweet Cakes and Lady bonded at once with Sweet Cakes being her Mom, however Lady also bonded at once with me and I was not sure I was ready to bond to another dog. That night I took her to bed and put her on the pillow next to me. During the night I heard this little cry and opened my eyes to find Lady with her tiny face up against mine and making these sweet little cries. From that day on and every day I had her, I promised her she never had to be afraid again that I could and would always protect her.

A year went by and Lady was able to come downstairs when my family was there and then suddenly after about two years I was having a party and I heard someone say, "Everyone be quite Lady is down here...." Sure enough, Lady had come to join the party! What a happy day that was, from then on I called her a regular little dog. Now she could enjoy so much more than just me and Sweet Cakes.

On Sept 7, 1999 we were at our weekend get-away and about 5:30 AM we put the kids out. Faster than you can blink, a pack of coyotes grabbed Lady. I ran after them in the dark calling for Lady and heard a cry in the field. They had dropped her so ASAP we called my niece, who is a vet, and she worked on Lady for 23 hours but we could not save her.

I never left Lady and she never closed her eyes, to0 afraid I think, but to me she was saying I thought you would always protect me.

I felt so much anger and guilt and Ginger was so sad, I did not know if I could go on. It was extra hard because Lady had such a sad start in life and then to be killed with such violence it was almost more than I could take.

Thanks to friends and family I got well enough to start looking for a playmate for Ginger and in June 2001 found Sassy.

Lady has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I will never be able to stop feeling that I let her down because I do not make a promise I can not keep. It also has forever changed my life.

Rest well my wonderful little girl we still miss you so much.


This is my very very sweet Ginger. I got her in Sept 1990 after a co worker found her but could not find her home. I took her since I only had two dogs at the time and one was getting old. The thing he did not tell me was that she was a fence jumper. So much for putting up a fence.

After about 3 weeks Lady and Ginger were playing together and Sweet Cakes said thanks Ginger I'm getting too old to keep up with Lady. Ginger and Lady were very very close and when I lost Lady I think I almost lost Ginger.

However Ginger is still with me and hoping some day Sassy will play with her.

UPDATE - Sadly, Ginger passed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year. I Love you sweet Ginger!

.....and this is my Sassy Girl....


Sassy ended up in rescue because her owner died and no one in the family wanted her so they took her to the vet to be put down. The vet gave her to a rescue group in Montana. Somehow Donna Goodman in Calif and Donna Allen, who is a great lady and runs a rescue called SDHR and works with older dogs that loose their owners, were both working on getting Sassy from this rescue place.

They did get Sassy and since there was not a foster home near Sassy went to Donna Allen to be fostered. Donna did a wonderful job at getting Sassy thru the loss of her owner, after all Sassy is 13 years old, then Sassy went to the Pappy Page to be adopted.

In May 2001, I started looking for a little dog for Ginger and because people thought Lady was part pappy I checked the web and found the pappy rescue. The minute I saw Sassy's eyes I knew we needed her as much as she needed us, however she was in Montana. Not to be defeated, I filled out my application and then got word that they wanted to do the home visit but, was I sure I wanted to come so far to get her.

Since I can not fly, inner ear problem, I sent my roommate and my niece, the vet, to pick up Sassy. I wondered why they thought the distance would be a problem but they did not know the story of Lady nor how sure I was Sassy was just the right girl for us. We love Sassy so much and she has done so much to help heal the hole in our hearts. I know one day soon she will be playing with Ginger.

Ginger and Sassy are both 13 years old and have lots of good years left.

You go Sassy girl!!!

Welcome Pebbles!!!

Pics of Pebbles coming soon!!!

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