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James Shotwell & Kay Dillingham

Charlie's story, in the words of his momma Kay...

According to James our family was the perfect size, Cinnamoon (the Pap), Tinker (the Maltese), Buster (the bunny), Sam (the Cockatoo) and 10 chickens. Now I had other ideas. Every so often I would look at the Pap rescue pages and point out the ones that needed special care. Every month James would send Lori money for rescue with the message "Don't let Kay have a dog". Then one day we got an e-mail from Lori telling us she needed to talk to us. Well, we called. She told us she had the perfect rescue for us. James said no; I said let us talk about it. We called Lori back and told her we would take Charlie.

It was arranged that Bonnie Bias would fly to Washington DC and bring Charlie back to us. We waited at Bonnie's neighbor's home for Bonnie and Charlie to arrive. (Thank you Bonnie for bringing us Charlie..)

Charlie was introduced to Tinker and Cinnamoon. No one attacked; that was a good sign. We started for home stopping along the way for a new leash and hamburgers for all.

Charlie quickly found his place on the couch and bed. Charlie came from a puppy mill with some of the issues associated with that background. He still doesn't like going outside on the grass and he isn't real sure when and where he is suppose to pee, so he just tries to hold it unless we are not around. He is getting better in that area with lots of praise and treats with each success. When Charlie was rescued he had patellae problems. Many of the PCA Rescue supporters contributed to a fund raising which paid for Charlie having both of his patellae's repaired. Thank you from us and Charlie! Charlie now zooms through the house with Cinnamoon and leaps onto the couch and bed. It is a pleasure to see although I cringe when I see him take a giant leap off the bed..

Charlie did not have a problem with love. He is a lover. He usually wags his whole body with joy. Whoever is sitting down is his favorite at the time. He is right there in their lap. At night Charlie sleeps on a pillow by my head or in James' arms. He has become his daddy's little boy. But those boys are still out numbered by us bitches.

Here are some pics of the rest of the furfamily...

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