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Shingle Belle & Manta Rae

Diana Hamilton

In early summer 2000, I went to a local PetLand store, only as a last resort, to purchase a new doggie door for my girls. Unfortunately, it was one of those stores that sells "purebred" puppies. One sick little thing caught my eye. I asked to hold it. It was weak, ill and dehydrated. I read the name on the glass cage. "PAPILLON-Catlike in personality and cleanliness, spirit and movement"

Being a cat-lover, I was intrigued. The next day, I researched PAPILLON on the internet. I read about a mill rescue operation in Missouri, and a little girl named Maddy. I was heartsick to say the least. I printed everything I could on Papillons and the very next day I contact Lori Bovee because I just knew I needed to help. Such began my love affair with the ?Butterfly dog? and my commitment to PCA Rescue.

In the last year and a half, I have lost count of the rescues that have passed through my home and my heart. Those I can recall are: Timmy, Charlie, Gizmo, Patches, Cindy, Paddy, Moby (now Piccolo), Squiggy, Quincy, Lacy, Tessa, Corky, Maisy, Lily, Petey, my beloved Angel (now known as Little Bit) and right now I have Millie.

Although I have not myself been adopted by a Papillon, I have two fur-kids that are the love of my life, and a husband, adult daughter and a cat named Brittnay Sue that lets us all live in her house.

My Kids....

Shingle Belle is my black Lab. She was born on Memorial Day in 1993, the year of the big flood. I spent weeks that summer as a volunteer animal rescuer with the St. Charles County Humane Society. Shingle was one of seven pups that the Coast Guard rescued off the roof of a house on the flooded farm. The pups were stranded there with the mother and another adult dog. Shingle was very sick from the flood water and had a number of maladies including ring worms, tapeworms and mange. After many months of care, medical treatments and special food, she grew into a beautiful and gentle animal. Shingle received her AKC-CGC Certificate in Feb. 2001 and hopes to receive her TDI License soon.

Shingle Belle

Manta Rae is my true joy. She was born to a little of six pups around Memorial Day in 1995. Her mother was an Australian Shepherd and her father was a wild fox. A farmer had all his hunting buddies over to kill off the wild dogs and foxes on his property. The litter didn?t even have their eyes open when they were found and rescued as orphans by two teenage boys. Four of the pups survived with the care of these boys and their mother. I was at my vet?s office one Saturday morning while the pups were there for their first shots. There were two boys and one little girl. She was the runt so I fell in love immediately. I brought her home 30 minutes later. It would be two months later that I would learn the full story of her background. She is my foxy baby girl.

Manta Rae

Here is Shingle Belle "imitating" Mommy....

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